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Accepted Add tfdb_abyss_vb suggestion


Mar 14, 2020
Username: Weegeee

Which map is the suggestion about? tfdb_abyss_vb

What is supposed to happen to the map? Add

Add a link to the map https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnbjvten4yk1oyn/tfdb_abyss_vb.bsp?dl=1

Why do you want this map change? It's another map I made for dodgeball, although this time I decided I would take a more gameplay focused approach. The playing field is a somewhat big cylinder. It's entirely flat, so there shouldn't be any possible ledges. I made a custom space skybox, which from my personal experience didn't really hinder visibility much at all (though it wouldn't hurt for others to check it out). I also kept my humor, since a lot of people liked it from my previous map. I think that's just about everything, hopefully players will enjoy this one.
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