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Declined Add FF2 to JB / Remove VSH

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Jul 20, 2021
I would like to suggest customizing the jailbreak plugin from using VSH to instead use Freak Fortress. The VSH bosses are generally more boring (especially since hale is weighted to be picked most of the time) and might contribute to many people disliking the mode. The Freak Fortress bosses are not only more fun, but they are more iconic and interesting. My perception is that players view VSH as not very fun and I think FF would improve the LR. The most important thing is that the current bosses be removed and only FF bosses be used.

If this suggestion were to be accepted, I would suggest the following bosses be added, all with equal probability of being chosen:
-Christian Brutal Sniper (was originally a FF boss)
-Ninja spy
-Seeman and Seeldier
-Painis Cupcake
-Any other classic FF bosses

Additionally, the round timer for this could be increased to 15 minutes, while changing it so the LR can only be picked 1-2 times per map. My reasoning is that jailbreak maps are not designed as arena maps, so the freak has the advantage due to maps not being designed around defending against him. Additionally, while many people have likely played VSH/FF, the average skill set of a jailbreak server when fighting a freak will be less than that of a dedicated VSH/FF server. Because of these two advantages, giving the reds more time to deal with the freak would be better.

Lastly, and this is a separate suggestion purely to make it more balanced, is to allow the reds to build the engineer amplifier buildings. This might not actually be possible so if its not just ignore this section.
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Real Darkness Owl

Staff Member
May 14, 2020
Adding or changing VSH to FF2 is maybe not a good idea. Many people don't want to download more stuff just for a custom boss. Plus nowadays not many would pick VSH lrs, which is pretty much the same thing as a freak fortress, and 15 mins are too much in my opinion.
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Mildly Menacing
Apr 13, 2018
me when no freak fortress


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Blackwonder's Own
Staff Member
Jan 16, 2019
people play JB for JB, and not to play VSH/FF. ngl having the most basic version of VSH (the basic hales) is the furthest I'd go, if not, it'd make JB even more complex.

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