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Pending Add Blw.tf logo


Staff Member
Sep 29, 2019
Adding an advertisiment logo
on the bottom corner of the screen can increase online on the servers.
It´s very effective when TF2 Youtubers record their videos on our servers. People love playing with their favourite youtubers and just try the server, unique gamemode where they are playing. Youtubers have always been the most effective way to advertise something. Viewers will see the server´s logo and it will push them too look into server list.

Also when person is playing with a small logo on his screen, he can easy remember the server´s name he been playing on due how our brains work, which can help the player return to the server in the future.

I don´t think a small 5 letter logo can annoy someone. We can also add a command to disable the logo: (/disablelogo)
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