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Spectacularly Lethal
Oct 17, 2018
Exactly 2 years ago I have made a grave error in my judgement and logical reasoning removing ba_sincinatti by creating a removal thread for the map. I was actually jealous that I would never make a map anywhere near as good as this one, let alone create an original map at all so out of sheer haltered I created the thread to remove it. I am ashamed and appalled that I lied too and manipulated my peers into hating this wonderful masterpiece with each hammer unit finely crafted to perfection no other map comes close except maybe that burger king one. I would like to ask for forgiveness not from just the server or its players but from god himself as I have sinned and never atoned like I should have, I should have repented for those sins.

Anyways as I mentioned this map is finely crafted its also made by the creator of the burger king map and the map that has space gravity that I don't like cause of the low space gravity and it messes up my b-hops and make it easy for blues to hunt rebellers and reds can hit the button that map should be removed instead of this one I hate that map so sooo much man. Sincinatti is a vertical map which means its not like one of the hundred flat wastelands that already exists in rotation so it allows for some unique plays like jumping from the tall building and eagle stabbing someone. It allows for mix up options for both teams and the main nuisances like sniper and soldier are reined in as its not very open in most locations so its more balanced than most maps. Also I like that fact that its a urban themed map so its fairly unique visually and it takes place in nighttime which is another plus.

I will now move onto the minigames which there are 10 of them a very challenging obby, a very unique vertical deathrun, a crush game with good music, an arena with several settings, fallgame which I killed cowboy in real life link, theater, jeapordy, gearhop which is a fantastic minigame with no flaws whatsoever, stairway, and dinner. Although not a whole lot of games by any stretch of the imagination it has enough also there are arguably way worse maps currently in rotation in the minigame department. The rebel spots are sparse but since the map is so vertical you can take multiple paths to the main ones if one route is occupied which I quite like allows for varied play for both teams. Now onto the flaw there literally aren't any worth of note and if you say otherwise you are lying to yourself and to yourself and myself.

Please bring back this masterpiece of a map as this is my deathwish my last request if you will I want to go out knowing that people will reallly enjoy playing on this map like I have long ago.

Also free my mans bingy bong milfinker he may have messed up but he is not a bad dude by any stretch of the imagination he is a positive influence on the server when he did play I know this is unrelated but please whoever is in charge free this man or atleast reduce his sentence down to idk 8 month all I do know is that he is a upstanding citizen you might say but what about the priors but in my opinion those mistakes were made long ago those should not reflect who he is now please free him don't make me create a petition I fucking will make one and it will hit 100 signs mark words this is not a threat its a promise.

Before I forget here is the gamebanana link for the map: https://gamebanana.com/mods/74654

Where is the polling options this upvote downvote bullshit got me fucked up how would I know how many people want the map added or not please also add polling and no I cannot be asked to make a separate thread for this.


Spectacularly Lethal
Staff Member
Mar 29, 2021
dee is stalling cause he hates the map :0
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