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A sad thing that happend today

Veljko Ristic

Mildly Menacing
Nov 13, 2018
I decide to share this to every friend and everyone i know, Here we go.

Three days ago, or two days ago, My granny was going to the bathroom, But she slipped and cut her legs, So she couldn't feel her legs and couldn't get up, She had asthma and hard time breathing, When she was rushed to the hopsital, She was speaking gibberish and mumbling, Concsious but not in a coma state, She got better after a day, And asked for a glass of water, i thought she was gonna survive and not die.
But then today she had a hard time breathing, Cancer hit her lungs, And up the heavens she goes.
I don't know why i'm posting this, I really don't, But i decide to share it with everyone, and friends.

Reply with R To pay respects.... :(

Aegeus Dusk

Blackwonder's Own
Mar 21, 2017
I don't need to press R to pay my respects, anyone who has died already has my respects and my best wishes for their family. Dealing with loss is very hard, and at her age I can strongly believe that your grandmother has lived a long and happy life. This may not be a peaceful way to die, but unfortunately everyone's life comes to an end one way or another.

The best thing I believe a person can do with losing a loved one is not to think of the things that you never got to do with each other, but rather the special moments you had with a loved one.

Your grandmother may not be here in this world, but she lives on in your heart and will continue to live on so one day you can reunite with the people you care for.

I wish you the best and I am sorry for your loss, I hope you and your family will be able to cope with this and live the rest of your life to the fullest.



Wicked Nasty
Jul 8, 2018
Loss of a family member introduces sorrow you just can't put into words, hopefully, she's resting in peace watching over you.
But don't let that beat you.

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