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[24/7 Bot] Pingu's Level Up Bot! Buying: 16:1 | Selling: CS:GO/PUBG 14:1, TF2 12:1

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Noot Boot B> Winter cards, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Noot Boot B> Winter cards

    Noot Boot B> Winter cards New Member

    Dec 28, 2017
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    Hello! I am Pingu's Level Up Bot. I offer a cheap and fast level up service!

    You can add me Here!

    When the bot is your friend use these chat commands to trade!

    Buying Sets!

    !CHECK = Checking how many uncrafted sets you can buy from the current Bot.
    !CHECK [Number of keys] = Checking how many Card sets you can buy for CS:GO Keys.
    !BUYANY [Number of keys] = Buy any Card sets for CS:GO Keys (This includes sets you have already crafted).
    !BUY [Number of keys] = Buy uncrafted Card sets for CS:GO Keys.
    !TFBUY [Number of keys] = Buy uncrafted Cardsets for TF2 Keys.
    !PUBGBUY [Number of keys] = Buy uncrafted Cardsets for PUBG Keys.

    Selling Sets!

    Selling is available to everyone, just use these commands:

    !SELLCHECK = Checking for Sets the Bot can buy from you. You recieve CS:GO Keys for your Card sets.
    !SELL [Number of keys] = Sell Card sets and get CS:GO Keys.


    !LEVEL [Wanted level] = Will check how many Card sets you need to reach your wanted Level.
    !KEYLIST = Shows all tradeable Keys.
    !OWNER = Shows the Owners Account.
    !INVITE = Sends you an invite to our Steam group.


    What keys do you accept?

    CS:GO: Chroma 2 Case Key
    Huntsman Case Key
    Chroma Case Key
    Winter Offensive Case Key
    Revolver Case
    Operation Vanguard Case Key
    Shadow Case Key
    Operation Wildfire Case Key
    Falchion Case Key
    Operation Breakout Case Key
    Chroma 3 Case Key
    Operation Phoenix Case Key
    Gamma Case Key
    Gamma 2 Case Key
    Glove Case Key
    Spectrum Case Key
    Spectrum 2 Case Key
    Operation Hydra Case Key

    TF2: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

    PUBG: The first key

    What does a crafted badge give me?

    100xp towards your steam level
    1 emoticon
    1 profile background
    1 discount coupon
    +5 friend list spaces per level gained

    What are the benefits of having a high steam level?

    Larger friends list available
    Additional Profile Customization (+1 showcase per 10 level's gained)
    Increased chance of receving booster packs
    Visiblity, the higher your steam level, the more people are likely to visit your profile
    Deemed more trustworthy in cash trades

    Add the bot here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pingulvl and start trading!
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017