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  1. ecig

    Possible problem - or maybe a decision - MGE Spy?

    Hi, Recently the spy class, as well as pyro, engi, and medic, have all been disabled from the MGE server. I have really been enjoying playing on your guys' MGE server as a spy main until a few days ago when it was disabled. "Class is not allowed" I have posted this also in "Suggestions"...
  2. ecig

    MGE Servers - Add Spy!

    Hi, I have been recently playing on your guys' MGE server(s) as a spy main, practicing with others. As of four days ago or so, it seems spy, as well as pyro, medic, and engineer, have all been disabled. "Class is not allowed" Can you guys please re-add spy to the server?
  3. Vamp Lad

    Completed disabling Mantreads in endif

    It's pretty straight forward tbh. Why the hell is The Mantreads allowed in Endif, a gamemode that you have to launch your enemy in the air and then airshot them, why is a utility item that negates knockback allowed in that gamemode on Blackwonder MGE Servers. It just makes no sense to have it...
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