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  1. Demomain


    Idk if buy sticky launcher or grenade launcher ( both australium) tell me which one. Also do you know if there is any site that let you sell ur hats etc for money??
  2. Wuffles

    Selling My Old Strange Prof. KS Loose Cannon

    Decided to treat myself and Bought myself a new Loose cannon, a Strange Star Crossed one, moved the stats onto the new one and yeah, old one's up for sale now, 4 keys is my price, Mainly Looking for pure. Edit: Price lowered from 5 keys to 4 keys Edit 2: Item Has Been Sold.
  3. Fury

    Declined Killstreak command for everyone

    Hi, I would really like to see the killstreak command so that regular players, such as myself, can play with permanent Professional Killstreak eye effects. The annoying blimp keeps killing me. If you could add this feature, I bet the server would become more popular. Thanks for listening :P...
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