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  1. Console |

    Resolved Store Donator Not Working

    Recently, I had spent 405000 credits in the server to buy 1 month donator, as I knew my 1 month of donator was about to end, and today, my 1 month donator duration expired and I should still have donator as I bought 1 month of donator from the shop, and activated it from my inventory, but it...
  2. Hacker

    Resolved Donator Rank across servers

    Hey, so I recently purchased donator rank after giving the Storebot a Key, and I tried out the commands, and they worked (except Chat Color) and I left to join another server because nobody was on the server I was in, and I saw that my donator rank didn't transfer over when I tried one of the...
  3. Mackenzie

    Declined Rank for donators on forums.

    I have recently bought donator for the helping of the server and the perks it receives, I know in game (TF2 anyway) you get to chose your colour. Wouldn't it be cool if you could do the same thing on the forums? Like yeah, I don't agree on getting to chose you're colour on the forums, but at...
  4. R

    Resolved Did not receive donator

    Yesterday, I bought donator rank with credits. It took the credits but i still don't have the rank or the perks after 1 day. Can someone please fix this? My steam name is "rpgland | ElockyLane" without the quotes Thank you.
  5. Wrαty

    Resolved Donator chat color glitch!

    There is a really frustrating glitch that has started to occur recently. I have no idea if I'm the only one experiencing it, but every time I join a new Blackwonder server, my chat colors are gone. I wait a while to see if they come back but they usually never do! Sometimes they come back but...
  6. Buster

    How to use reserved slots

    Quick guide on how to use the donator perk, reserved slots. 1.: Find the the desired server's IP. You can do that by right clicking on the server in the server browser and then pressing "View server information". 2.: Copy the IP address, then type "connect <IPaddress>" in the console and...
  7. The Kfc Bird

    Resolved i didnt get donator

    um i gave a key and i said it was for donator but i didnt get donator and it got accepted by it do i have to wait another day?
  8. Danny [blw.tf]

    Resolved Still not donator...

    It's been over a day and i donated a key to get donator, i understand i have to wait a bit, but it's confusing me on why that it's taking so much time. I'm sorry for my impaitence.
  9. ᴀⓛiǝȠ

    Resolved Donator commands

    So I recently got donator and don't know how to access half of the commands, like the customisable message and stuff. There's probably a menu command that I don't know about and some people probably think this iss pretty dumb. but it's just something I needed to know