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  1. breezie

    Resolved Your Eternal Reward Glitch?

    The knife Your Eternal Reward functions normally- where a successful back-stab allows a RED to disguise as a BLU and vice versa. I don't recall this feature being active on Jailbreak, unless it was recently added. Either way, it's too overpowered on Jailbreak imo and should be disabled ASAP...
  2. breezie

    Resolved TFStats points glitched to 0 on AUS Jailbreak

    Is there any way to revert my points back to its initial amount before the glitch? Thanks, -breezy
  3. breezie

    Accepted breezy's Moderator Application

    Personal Information Name breezy Your Age 17 (18 next month) Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Your Steam ID STEAM_1:0:64643556 Discord ID breezy#6920 Server Information Have you managed servers previously? Yes. I moderated Crappy Medical Menn (CMM) in 2013 during its...
  4. breezie

    Answered Minor, but valid question: Is Coinflip genuinely a 50/50 chance ??

    From my experiences playing Coinflip, the lower the coin amount, the closer the chances are to 50/50. However, when larger bets are placed, the chances dip significantly. Not asking for a fix, as it is a minor and plug-in based; just genuinely curious on everyone's experience with Coinflip.