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  1. Noodl

    Read Me Introducing: TFStats

    Bonus and some event messages are now hidden by default, and can be toggled on with sm_tfs_togglebonuses. You'll be told on first spawn about this.
  2. Noodl

    Resolved Issue with tfstats

    Database overloading/disconnecting. Store and TFStats are two independent services.
  3. Noodl

    Declined Pets

    It's entirely possible, however not for our servers. I do have code that runs this for several interactive, intelligent pets. Valve removed several functions used for NextBot navigation in the Linux binaries some years ago, rendering them only useable on Windows servers. So no.
  4. Noodl

    Resolved i lose a not fair amount of points

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system TFStats isn't even zero-sum either, it's net positive.
  5. Noodl

    Resolved i lose a not fair amount of points

    Congratulations, if you're breaking even on points, you've found your Elo rating within the system. If you want to go higher, you need to play better. Thus we can now all consider my code a raging success with many pats on the back.
  6. Noodl

    Completed zs devolpers

    Retard reply. There's no need for comment like this that's out of your jurisdiction. When you say "I want a dev" that means nothing. Post actual suggestions or improvements that should be made, to be voted on etc. I'm pretty sure Hagvan is still committing to it.
  7. Noodl

    Declined points sytem

    To be honest, to maintain your point total, you only need around 10~ kills per life, assuming each kill gives you a base of 2, plenty of bonus points get awarded, there's the killstreak bonus on death, and assuming you lose 40. Many players probably fall into a range of <10 K/D. Points are a...
  8. Noodl

    Resolved Wrong date of birth

  9. Noodl

    Pending Regarding TFStats as a spy.

    Added poll
  10. Noodl

    Completed Want less time..... (Dodgeball)

    /place to display your rank and points publicly.
  11. Noodl

    Answered UberUpgrades Early Access

    The maintainer of that specific plugin is @Cake :3 so it's at his disgression whether or not to distribute it, and for cash or not.
  12. Noodl

    Resolved stole 3 time

    I think it's trying to indicate there is a bug in the anti-steal. Of which there is not. Stealing in close proximity to someone is now allowed so players can "wall" with each other. Naturally this is a compromise with automated anti-stealing, so it's advised not to abuse it as normal rules...
  13. Noodl

    Resolved fix the point system

    A purely additive point system is flawed by design, and doesn't measure skill. An additive system is more a measure of time played, or how much one games the system by spamming certain actions. An Elo system will balance players' positions relative to how they consistently perform when compared...
  14. Noodl

    Resolved fix the point system

    The delta in points is calculated in part using the differential of the two interacting players' point totals. Your points are a lot higher than the guy who killed you. Loss is capped at 40. It means you need to maintain a high K:D ratio to maintain a high total.
  15. Noodl

    Resolved Dead ringer mute bug.

    Fixed. I'm not sure if ignoring DR deaths will cause other issues in Jailbreak's logic, since the gamemode and plugin are a mess.
  16. Noodl

    Answered This is possible to be "Developer" or "Mapper" instead "Moderator" in "Staff Applications"

    Successfully applying for developer gives you full access to root accounts on all servers, so you get an owner tag too since you can do what you want.
  17. Noodl

    Declined Defining the rules more clearly

    RainbowRobb has been banned permanently, thank you for your report.
  18. Noodl

    Declined ʎǝuoɥ ︻デ═一's Mute appeal

    Howdy. I've witnessed many discussions regarding you in Discord. It's a popular matter. My wonderment only comes from how this hasn't happened sooner. In short, we feel that you're more of a detriment on the servers than a benefit, and there is no law that holds us to only removing people that...
  19. Noodl

    Completed New update for the anti - steal plugin

    Pushed to Git. The "Completed" tag implied someone had already taken care of this.
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