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  1. Amy

    Declined Mr.Wizard's Admin Application

    You sure you are 26? Jk :P But anyways you need to add more info. Even though my support does not matter im still gonna -support you. Good Luck though
  2. Amy

    Resolved Report against AINSLEY

    You're Welcome :cool:
  3. Amy

    Resolved Report against AINSLEY

    Who are you Reporting? AINSLEY What is the accused persons SteamID? STEAM_0:1:196090476 What is the report reason? Spamming chat/ Being Racist Upload any proof you have here! Provide any links to proof here! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1226977921...
  4. Amy

    Read Me Resigning

    Although we didn't chat much Kat i wish you a fast recovery. If you need something im always here. Whenever you wanna chat about something im a message away. Till then we all hope to see you soon. <3
  5. Amy

    Read Me Stepping Down

    Sad to see you go :( @Sakuya Izayoi you were an amazing admin! :) Atleast we will get to see you on discord and around the servers. Now it's time to move on and get to important matters. [LIFE] Lol. Im glad i got to be apart of it <3
  6. Amy

    Accepted Admin Application from II Sᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ II <3

    Ayy Congratz!! :) :)
  7. Amy

    Closed Admin Application from Officer Everyone

    The reason i feel like @Ice said it in that way is because he has seen immature admins before therefore he wants to make sure people learn and take there time before applying so quickly. " @Ice = Dad Confirmed" :P
  8. Amy

    Closed Admin Application from Officer Everyone

    So let's start off by saying you are a bit too young. To early to apply for admin as you joined around Feb. The language is just wow...for a youngster like you not very good. So def a -SUPPORT from me. Gl in future applications. [In a way not trying to be rude but please have some respect...
  9. Amy

    Completed Jailbreak & Death run Team Chat

    Oh i read that so wrong then yea i agree
  10. Amy

    Completed Jailbreak & Death run Team Chat

    Well it's not ghosting if you say it in team chat lol bc the guards can't see it....
  11. Amy

    Completed We need more admins

    We would get more admins but then again people and mostly on JB are 90% immature so we would have to ban them all for just breaking the rules. It's not about how many admins we have or how many you need to call. We just need people to act there age on JB....Sadly i've seen so many people doing...
  12. Amy

    Declined http://leekspin.com/

    Def have my +Support just bc ^ :)
  13. Amy

    Show us your desktop!

    Well here is mine lol
  14. Amy

    Declined digitall's Ban Appeal

    I have to agree with @Buster and the rest, maybe a gag for a week or so i did see you spam the hitler bind so there goes another reason for you to be gagged. You seem a bit young "i can tell by the spelling".. and people who normally advertise hacks even more so lmaobox is against the rules so i...
  15. Amy

    Declined .HmX* DR. Surprise's Ban Appeal

    Lol @Lucas , Well for starters please have a dictionary out :p. No offense but i can tell that you are young and if you don't follow the rules @.HmX* DR. Surprise you will be punished. So let the admins look into it b4 going off on someone that's not even an admin. From what i've seen so far...
  16. Amy

    Best warden

    True but that's because they needed a good sniper :P
  17. Amy

    Best warden

    Me ofc then you :P
  18. Amy

    Accepted Admin Application from Wanka

    I have seen you alot on JB and you're a pretty good warden "Very rare to find those nowadays lol". From what i've seen you're pretty mature for you're age as well which is a plus. Just wanted to add the lack of forum and discord activity but i know you will do what it takes to make everything...
  19. Amy

    Accepted Admin Application from Fish-Related Crimes

    Congratz! @Fish-Related Crimes :)
  20. Amy


    Thank you @Lucas @Kyde @Man of Feels @2010wolf | Blw.tf <3
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