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  1. Petuga

    Declined Weekend's Moderator Application

    i've spoken with this user personally and they requested for their mod app to be declined or taken down.
  2. Petuga

    Accepted Mr.Sealfy01's Spray Ban appeal

    User has changed spray into something apropriate. Have fun and dont break the rules.
  3. Petuga

    Declined Fungus??'s Ban appeal

    i dont see whats wrong here i remember seeing you in spawn spinning around and taunting while also shooting the minigun, you having really high sensitivity made the anti cheat bot think it was a possible aimbotter and that got you permabanned, but i dont see whats wrong here. Just dont do it...
  4. Petuga

    Accepted rambo19wct's Spray Ban appeal

    I SprayBanned for having an inapropriate spray. Change your spray to something apropriate and prove it to any Admin in game and your sprayban will be removed
  5. Petuga

    Accepted Petuga's Moderator Application

    yeah at the time Cybjer was just insulting other players for using both rtd and if im not mistaken capturing the objective, i admit it was a mistake on my part i apologize on it even though that wont help i still feel like i should
  6. Petuga

    me is bad sniper plez help.

    my few tips to get "better" at sniper is lowering your sensitivity (if your mouse has sensitivity stages even better) do not try to flick shots left and right and do not be afraid to bodyshot, after all a kill is a kill
  7. Petuga

    Accepted Petuga's Moderator Application

    i updated the application could you please review whenever possible? thanks in advance
  8. Petuga

    Accepted Petuga's Moderator Application

    User name: Petuga Name Petuga Your Age 17 Have you been punished in the last 60 days? No Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No Do you have a microphone? Yes Location Portugal Your SteamID 76561198103488324 Your DiscordID Petuga#9882 Have you managed servers...
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