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  1. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against nionios (US Jailbreak)

    He is also teambanned for forcing player(s) to break rules.
  2. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against nionios (JBUS)

  3. Bigunit

    Invalid Report against Junk/ (100% Crit - IP:

    First clip tells nothing, the spy wasn't even cloacked. Seconds can be just a spycheck or he heard footsteps.
  4. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against rapism (us jailbreak)

  5. Bigunit

    Invalid Report against GreyLock (Jailbreak)

    Provide any evidence.
  6. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against and ar ar ar (jailbreak)

    Everyone on a server who broke any rule was added to the ban/mute list. Until the TFstats are back you can take a brake from what's happening right now.
  7. Bigunit

    SZF Map Suggestion

    szf_legoplaza_alpha4 is the smallest map ever, causing huge lags for players and nobody enjoyed this map.
  8. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against and ar ar ar (jailbreak)

    Please provide steamid if possible.
  9. Bigunit

    Invalid Report against GreyLock (jailbreak)

    Provide evidence.
  10. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against N* Jew wes (U.S. Jailbreak)

    He was banned for cheating.
  11. Bigunit

    Invalid Report against Andrew sex doll (Jailbreak)

    Provide evicene.
  12. Bigunit

    Declined suggestion for SZF:

    Scout is definitely not overpowered.
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