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  1. Doctor Hexmask

    Hi o/

    Welcome to BLW!
  2. Doctor Hexmask

    Hello, you probably weren't expecting this.

    Hello people of Blackwonder, and anyone knew that may have joined while I was gone. As seen in the title, you probably are not expecting this. But I just want to make this thread for anyone that wants to know what has been going with me lately. Nothing really much, I must admit it is just I have...
  3. Doctor Hexmask

    Hello There Everyone

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Doctor Hexmask

    Kyro, The Arrival.

    Welcome to the forums! Sniper main?
  5. Doctor Hexmask

    Introduction: Fritz

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Doctor Hexmask

    Hi There

    Welcome to the forums!
  7. Doctor Hexmask


    Welcome to the forums, Vack.
  8. Doctor Hexmask


    Hello Jim, haha.
  9. Doctor Hexmask


    Welcome to the forums!
  10. Doctor Hexmask

    Heya, how are you all?

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. Doctor Hexmask

    Declined Admin Application from Doctor Hexmask

    To be honest, I have nothing else to say about that. It was wrong, and you won.
  12. Doctor Hexmask

    Declined Admin Application from Doctor Hexmask

    It's ok because it states in the rules: No ghosting. You cannot give information about alive players while dead. Yes, you can't do it in-game but rules never specify anything about talking to people outside in a personal discord call. For instance, if my sister was next to me playing as well...
  13. Doctor Hexmask

    Declined Admin Application from Doctor Hexmask

    I respect your opinion of my knowledge of the rules, which I do not agree with, but will not argue. But hacking is a completely different context rather than simply giving a location of a red on hide and seek day.
  14. Doctor Hexmask

    Declined Admin Application from Doctor Hexmask

    Firstly, Id like to know why I was banned for telling someone information about a player in hide and seek when we were in our own personal discord call. I was told by overkill a long time ago it did not matter if you said the person(s) location privately. Also, which I know is not an excuse for...
  15. Doctor Hexmask

    Read Me Taking a break

    Good luck with life boi, I'll miss u :(
  16. Doctor Hexmask

    hi i love BlackWonder

    Welcome to the forums! Agree to cute agree-cat-
  17. Doctor Hexmask


    Welcome to the forums!
  18. Doctor Hexmask

    about meee

    Welcome to the forums!
  19. Doctor Hexmask


    Welcome to the forums!
  20. Doctor Hexmask

    Declined Admin Application from Doctor Hexmask

    I guess it was at the end of January, which I will take your word for. Yes, it was poor judgment choice but I thought it would not make a difference to this. And I would not lie about information, I have only done it once and will never do it again.
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