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  1. Aba

    Accepted Bubblez8383's Ban appeal

    Hello, I did agree on a revocation of the ban after a month has passed since the initiation, do not let something like that in any way occur unless you enjoy the idea of remaining permanently removed from the Community Discord-wise without any form of appeal/redemption/similar in the future...
  2. Aba

    Answered discord ban/gag logs?

    The Discord bot logs dbans, dgags and dmutes, there is no other incentive to use it other than checking your own history. Knowing what you do and have received on all platforms in regards of this community I am saying the following lightly: Do not get wrong ideas from this to start weird campaigns.
  3. Aba

    Resolved I need to appeal a sprayban from however long ago (idk)

  4. Aba

    Accepted Poker's Ban appeal

    Ban is originating from a player report listed Here and is set to expire in around three hours at the time of writing the comment. While errors are only human, there still is a certain caution to maintain when using donator commands that affect another player's ability to interact with the game...
  5. Aba

    Accepted ItzEnderArkail's Ban appeal

    User agreed on the terms of being let in under the premise of not violating rules, other staff have been granted the permission to ban with no more chance of it being appealed upon the next caught incident. Don't mess this up.
  6. Aba

    Accepted ItzEnderArkail's Ban appeal

    Hello, while you have been banned from the Discord server two years ago for the reason stated above there also is that information that you are permanently banned from the game servers via duplicate account that originates from an aimbotting account that was caught by the anti-cheat on the 17th...
  7. Aba

    Declined Fishmane's Ban appeal

    Your IP is tied to an account that was banned for aimbotting on an achievement engineer server on the 9th of August 2023, on the next day another account with the very same IP tried to join and thus got automatically banned, and finally, this one you mentioned in the appeal got banned roughly...
  8. Aba

    Declined Bubblez8383's Ban appeal

    Hello, the whole situation and awkward reputation you've put on yourself in a simple and effective way is solely to be blamed on you for thinking a joke in that matter would be appropriate or "funny" per se. Given your self-stated age on your application and forum account you're expected to at...
  9. Aba

    Accepted 's WARP CORE appeal

    Since it's the first instance of a Sprayban, reach out to any staff member in-game or through role @mentions on the Discord server's #requesthelp channel in regards of your appeal for it to be lifted.
  10. Aba

    Accepted babyyoda's Ban appeal

    Please await a manager's look into the logs and their judgement of its legitimacy, this comment merely serves the purpose of informing rather than keeping it open without elaboration.
  11. Aba

    Accepted go B lin's Ban appeal

    Ban was instated on the 11th of April this year, a bit odd to file an appeal fairly late. Anyhow I ask to await a manager's look into the logs and their judgement of its legitimacy.
  12. Aba

    Declined 's cume appeal

    Note: there are four other accounts tied to your IP that have been banned throughout the time span between April 1st 2022 - 01:08 PM and April 2nd 2022 - 09:36 PM.
  13. Aba

    Declined mymorgan's Ban appeal

    Ban is set to expire in less than 24 hours, the in-game chat displays you a [SourceBans++] type of message as soon you join a server whenever you have any sort of active communication block; in case of human curiosity as to why you were muted in the first place see This Thread.
  14. Aba

    Accepted 's Beospie appeal

    Hello, I was the person in charge of your Discord ban over you pinging several people/staff roles without any sign of afterthought as to what could result from such an act. I may remove your ban this time and can't promise you any identical treatment if this incident reoccurs.
  15. Aba

    Shimshir cheated on poker night and I want retribution

    you're welcome.
  16. Aba

    Invalid Yeetoz's Gag appeal

    While the gag issued by FishCrimes has expired it is to note that the user mentioned above has no sufficient permissions to initiate restrictions like those. Invalidating appeal due to the reason stated in the first half of the previous sentence. Pardon the confusion on the staff's behalf.
  17. Aba

    Declined kevman's Moderator Application

    Applicant has received a gag during the uptime of their application. From the recent interaction presented on the Discord server's #requesthelp channel I might as well bring up my concerns of them being able to perform moderation duties.
  18. Aba

    Declined Morning star's Ban appeal

    https://tfstats.tf/player/14174015 @Ricky :3
  19. Aba

    Declined Syguy23's Ban appeal

    While we are grateful for your positive character development and reflection of your past actions we, unfortunately for you, must decline the appeal as caught cheaters are not allowed back on the servers. Regardless of that all the best.
  20. Aba

    Declined SirKitty's Gag appeal

    https://tfstats.tf/player/31598869 speaks for itself, leaving it open for the staff in question to comment on it.
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