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  1. hsuna

    Pending Proposal to Rework the Battalion's Backup on 100% Crits Servers

    Hey Dagger just wanted to say I appreciate the constructive feedback as to why you disagree with the proposal. If we're boiling the argument back down to skill-check I will reply in that regard first. Spy doing anything regarding backstabbing in orange crits is still unfeasible. Personal...
  2. hsuna

    Pending Proposal to Rework the Battalion's Backup on 100% Crits Servers

    For every point I address, I'm gonna assume the soldier is taking a campy-type play style of hiding in tower, building up charge by throwing rockets near spawn, and then going out once active. The status effect is the main problem with this item and that's what I hope we can address. With all...
  3. hsuna

    Pending Proposal to Rework the Battalion's Backup on 100% Crits Servers

    Except there's no getting good, and there's no skill check with an item like this. The only real way to truly deal with it is to run away, which makes no sense in a gamemode involving instant respawn and at the root of its basis, deathmatch-like gameplay. Cowardice is ultimately not fun and not...
  4. hsuna

    Accepted Ban Appeal to DaggerSable

    Hey, I just wanted to give my thoughts as a frequent orange player. First clip is more than plausible as legit due to a couple of reasons. Critical attacks cause lingering text above any enemy opponents, letting you track the spy and fire your shot to kill him; you hear the stealth noise...
  5. hsuna

    Resolved Report against knree grow ( (Orange, 100% crits))

    User has been banned already by the anti-cheat.
  6. hsuna

    Declined Walter White's Ban appeal

    Hi, Regardless of whether you missed it, I informed the server through text chat not to play any music or audio through a soundboard multiple times, and you continued alongside others when they began. Moreover, the clips you decided to play were blatantly racist with the usage of slurs, and...
  7. hsuna

    Declined Shivvvy's Moderator Application

    Hey Shivvvy, it's nice to see an application for orange moderation. To start off, your playtime is more than adequate with active sessions. Punishment wise you have one comm block from over a year ago and a spray ban from 2 years ago that has been reverted. When you did have donator for a...
  8. hsuna

    Resolved Report against fridgecritter (US orange 100% crits)

    Player has been punished, thanks for the report.
  9. hsuna

    Accepted hsuna's Moderator Application

    Username: hsuna Name hsuna Your Age 21 Do you have at least 3 days cumulative days of playtime on Blackwonder servers in the last year? Yes Have you been punished in the last 60 days? No Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No Do you have a microphone? Yes...
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