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  1. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined 's icos999 appeal

    I said what the situation sounded like at the time. I couldn't actually see what was going on since there wasn't any evidence, which is why I stated you would have to provide such in the future. Jim viewing the evidence and accurately passing judgment is not a contradiction. Says the one...
  2. 10000 Cold Knights

    Pending juno4life's Spray Ban appeal

    It isn't. Provide a spray that's actually normal please.
  3. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Report against blaflowery (US JB)

    Neither of the clips are from round start Snakeman, you know that doesn't fly here. Before we go though, a few closing statements: 1) You can hit people inside of armory like that, so long as blues aren't allowed to expand and the red doesn't actually enter armory. If that's why you killed...
  4. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Shaunthesheepcollager's Team Ban appeal

    It's 2 weeks, not perma. That order isn't allowed and clearly wasn't even the intent in this case. The warden was slightly vaguer than he should've been, but from his reaction alone he obviously wasn't trying to get them killed. You on the other hand went out of your way to freekill them...
  5. 10000 Cold Knights

    Invalid Report against Zoiddy (US Jailbreak)

    I'd need some sort of video evidence for this. Also that room is not considered a rebel area by our rules.
  6. 10000 Cold Knights

    Resolved Report against Sisyphus Prime and [email protected] (US Jailbreak)

    The warden clearly didn't intend to get you killed there and only claimed it was intentional as a cover. They've been warned and Louis has been punished, thank you.
  7. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Report against Dosh (Jailbreak)

    When I said I didn't want the old Kevman waltzing back in and causing trouble, this right here is exactly what I meant. Strike one, three strikes and you're out.
  8. 10000 Cold Knights

    Pending tony's Moderator Application

    Your app itself looks fine, ladder is passable and your punishment history is fairly clean. The question, one that seems to come up a lot with promising jb applicants in particular, is whether you're actually interested in moderating or just enabling the lower elements of the community. Alt...
  9. 10000 Cold Knights

    Accepted sacrificallamc's Ban appeal

    Not sure how this ended up in the minecraft subforum, rerouted and reopened.
  10. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT's Ban appeal

    STEAM_0:1:807453024 - the other accounts ID. The ban's a day, and both you and your "brother" are both equally cringe. Wait it out and stop impersonating bots.
  11. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Nopelil's Mute appeal

    You've barely been back a week since your last ban for circumventing your mute. Quit trying to bypass for a while and next time I'll consider it.
  12. 10000 Cold Knights

    Accepted 's Jelbwreak Wardwen appeal

    Hello again Jel, It's true that I told you we wouldn't be unbanning you this year. However, after reading your appeal and discussion the situation with some of the other staff, I have decided to go back on my word just this once. I will be unbanning you, HOWEVER: I expect you to have changed...
  13. 10000 Cold Knights

    Hello! Quick post about these "Freddy Raids"

    No worries. Server raiding is nothing new, and rarely is it actually endorsed by the communities the raiders claim to be a part of. Likewise, if you start having trouble with raiders claiming to come from BLW, let us know and we'll try and handle it if we haven't already.
  14. 10000 Cold Knights

    Resolved Report against Kooldude1942.... (JBUS)

    Player has been punished.
  15. 10000 Cold Knights

    Invalid Report against Tavish_Degroot#FixTF2 (jailbreak us)

    I'd need to see what happened from the start of the round up to this point to verify its a freekill.
  16. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined 's icos999 appeal

    You've typed up multiple essays claiming you're confused whether a single situation is a freekill or not, and somehow don't understand what common sense is either. You're digging for staff approval that you can misuse (as you did here), and/or being a hypocrite (as you were here). I originally...
  17. 10000 Cold Knights

    Resolved Report against spy gaming (JBUS)

    Player was warned. Go ahead and try it if you really think so.
  18. 10000 Cold Knights

    Resolved Report against Sir Psycho (US Jailbreak)

    Player has been punished, thx. Proud was also punished for not giving any orders.
  19. 10000 Cold Knights

    JB question about impossible orders

    Sounds like you were wasting time and warden caught you with your pants down for it. Speaking of wasted time, we will not be entertaining any more of your clearly loaded questions unless you provide a demo.
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