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  1. gore

    Accepted Deitific Presence's Moderator Application

    Active in USJB, and people seem to know and like you a lot in that server. I've never had any negative experiences with you in all of my sessions, and you know the rules well so that's fantastic. There's really nothing I can say about your punishment ladder but I do personally think it's better...
  2. gore

    Accepted Sonan's Spray Ban appeal

  3. gore

    Accepted Sonan's Spray Ban appeal

    ping and show any available @Admin in discord to get unspraybanned or ping leg#4800, i'll respond if i can
  4. gore

    Resolved Report against my butts/willgogs tv (achievement_engineer_blw UK)

    gagged do provide screenshots here next time, thanks
  5. gore

    Declined Report against yngalln (Dodgeball BR)

    don't know what he's saying but post your evidence here instead of making us search for it next time, thanks
  6. gore

    Declined thebalckcrow's Team Ban appeal

    Player has not responded, and teamban had already expired. Don't go on blu team if you are unwilling to go warden, or do not have a microphone.
  7. gore

    Resolved Report against DyMM (Jailbreak Brazil)

    Thanks, gagged.
  8. gore

    Declined thebalckcrow's Team Ban appeal

    You weren't teambanned for any of those reasons. Just curious though, what do you mean by 'drums'?
  9. gore

    Resolved Report against Potion Seller and Eddy Two Thumbs (Versus saxton hale)

    A video would've been much preferred, but the images do show suspect intentionally being friendly for 10 seconds. Banned Potion.
  10. gore

    Resolved Report against TinBot #1 (Sg Jailbreak)

  11. gore

    Invalid Report against iceguy (jailbreak brazil)

    close if no evidence is provided in 48 hours
  12. gore

    Resolved Report against DyMM (Jailbreak Brazil)

    Do you have an uncropped image of this? Though, a video is much preferred.
  13. gore

    Declined Report against 444222 (ctf_2fort)

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I've watched the entire video and did not find anything suspicious. I was restricted with the tools I have though (being able to only slow down by .25). If you have a demo of this, I'll be more than happy to look into it.
  14. gore

    Answered Impersinator

    No. If the player is being toxic, you can report here with valid evidence. Be sure not to accidentally put your own steamID if you do though. ;)
  15. gore

    Declined Sticklings's Ban appeal

    Hello. I was digging through your previous appeals, and I found some inconsistencies throughout. According to Sourcebans The account, crackhead, was banned on 23/05, 11:50PM. You were banned a day after. This is where the inconsistency comes in. You claimed in your previous appeal that you...
  16. gore

    Answered Answered US blackwonder comunity

    I'm sorry that you had to experience and tolerate with an unpleasant group of players. If you face further discriminatory or toxic behaviors directed towards you or any others, feel free to make a report with valid evidence. I'm certain the server is not xenophobic, just that the particular...
  17. gore

    Answered Trick order??

    This needs to be given more context but generally speaking, no. From what you've told me, the days are not over. So when the warden said "No days are over", it can only be assumed that they are clarifying or further instating the situation. There is no room for misinterpretation in that...
  18. gore

    Declined miraiyuni's Moderator Application

    You missed plenty of things regarding your punishments section. Will you kick a player because they are unclear of a rule? Will you ban a player for spamming in comms? Your punishments section is vague and difficult to assess without anything to go with. I suggest checking the rules and...
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