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  1. Peter

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Jailbreak.

    i prefer "go maka", reference to hyped banana
  2. Peter

    Invalid Report against "dotty" and maybe "running chiken " (jb)

    It should not have that
  3. Peter

    Jermbo Admin Application

    24/7 365 is a lot of time to spend adminstrating over the lands of JB +Suppor
  4. Peter

    Why I am the biggest goon on US Jailbreak

    For a second I thought Uni made you smarter but I guess it just taught you how to use ChatGPT. Also, there are a lot of people who are better than you at the Jailbreak gamemode such as me and CometPM.
  5. Peter

    Crikey's JB Goon Tierlist Application

    +Support Makes senes to me
  6. Peter

    Invalid Report against myself (jb)

    The command will only work if your message starts with ! (or /). What are you even trying to report?
  7. Peter

    Jb bug, question

    Your Eternal Reward
  8. Peter

    Jb bug, question

    Are you talking about using an exploit to disguise or just disguising with YER?
  9. Peter

    Invalid Report against picklejuice78 (U.S. Jailbreak)

    ye gagged him for that
  10. Peter

    Accepted jailbreak Jb_Downtown suggestion

  11. Peter

    Accepted Jailbreak jb_carnival v3 suggestion

    Added, let me know if the new version still crashes.
  12. Peter

    Accepted Jailbreak jb_carnival v3 suggestion

    I thought v3 was the one that was removed, was it not?
  13. Peter


    Must be nice to consider 100 ping high
  14. Peter

    Declined Remove random crits in JB

    Declining due to votes. If you want to make a suggestion about crits in certain LRs, feel free to make another suggestion.
  15. Peter

    Completed Fire Warden Cooldown Suggestion

    A warden fire timeout has been implemented.
  16. Peter

    Completed Remove the !Fire Command (or have some cooldown for it idk)

    A warden fire timeout has been implemented.
  17. Peter

    Declined Remove random crits in JB

    In my opinion, random crits makes the game more balanced since getting too close to the reds can also just end in your instant demise.
  18. Peter

    Accepted OfficalBalloony459's Team Ban appeal

    Accepted, make sure to read the rules before hopping back on blue.
  19. Peter

    Resolved JB Aquarium I6 constantly reloading the server

    Alkatraz rebuilt/final, 8bit, and the jail/ba maps are before aquarium alphabetically in the maplist. I also could not replicate this by myself on UK so it probably only happens with a certain number of players.
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