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  1. Viking34

    Pending naps's Moderator Application

    This thread is far more useful unlocked, as a practical example of how current and potential staff assign culpability and resolve arguments. Embarrasing to read, for sure, but this sort of insight helps to get to know them both and hopefully prevent them from making the same logical errors in...
  2. Viking34

    Accepted Konny's Ban appeal

    We've decided to remove the ban and see how it goes
  3. Viking34

    Declined Shi's Ban appeal

    Hey, how is the presentation coming along?
  4. Viking34

    Declined juno4life's Ban appeal

    That really isn't good enough. I'm also 'fairly certain' I would never make something like this up under any circumstance, but a quick search verifies it regardless. You even responded when someone suggested you delete it. If you cannot be completely sure not to post ridiculously inappropriate...
  5. Viking34

    Declined juno4life's Ban appeal

    I was sure I had only set it to a week, perhaps you were banned by someone else at the same time - the discord log does not go far enough back for me to check. I would have been happy to remove the ban immediately if you had reminded me of the previous post sooner, but now I'd first like to...
  6. Viking34

    Declined pybrogineer's Ban appeal

    Why would we unban you even if this story is true
  7. Viking34

    Why are my chat logs and ban logs not showing up in tfstats?

    Your app was sent back into the approval queue because you edited it I guess
  8. Viking34

    Why are my chat logs and ban logs not showing up in tfstats?

    Either there was an outage in that specific time period, or, more commonly, it's just heavily delayed. The logs are usually still stored internally even if they don't appear on tfstats, but it has to be manually checked and isn't worthwhile unless someone is looking for specific evidence.
  9. Viking34

    Declined Report against I'm not that guy from among us (█ ► BlackWonder NY | Hightower | No Carts ◄ █)

    This is not conclusive evidence at all, and does not warrant a ban.
  10. Viking34

    Accepted penguin's Ban appeal

    There are no anticheat logs for this ban, so I will remove it for lack of evidence
  11. Viking34

    Accepted Ban Appeal to DaggerSable

    Inconclusive evidence to keep you banned for cheating, but the ban will be reinstated if you are caught using exploits in the future. Your last two paragraphs appear to have been AI-generated?
  12. Viking34

    Declined SquidSaysNo's Ban appeal

    Hello! You've been so persistent I went in and checked. All of your stories have been lies. You have been actively cheating on several servers and were fully aware of it. Leaving this here in case others are looking you up: STEAM_0:1:510839845 U:1:1021679691 76561198981945419...
  13. Viking34

    Declined Barbiehunter's Ban appeal

    As per your previous appeal, you are untrustworthy. Additionally, it would seem at least one of your alts is still VAC'd
  14. Viking34

    Declined Report against Nylaphira (USJB)

    Doesn't seem to warrant punishment
  15. Viking34

    Declined Barbiehunter's Ban appeal

    I can explain in your place and help your memory - you cheated. Several places.
  16. Viking34

    Accepted ic3fr0g's Ban appeal

    It would be excellent if you could upload them right here for future reference
  17. Viking34

    Declined Report against DaggerSabar (Discord)

    To make it clear - you do not actually know what Dagger says in private channels or chats, as claimed? You just think you know? This is pedantic because it's a staff report and the answer is the difference between a regular lie and access to staff chat.
  18. Viking34

    Accepted dylistherealis's Ban appeal

    Removed the ban this time, but you will have to be mindful of the streaming service you use, as it often triggers our system
  19. Viking34

    Accepted Delusional | Gibus Army's Ban appeal

    I have given you the benefit of the doubt and removed the ban, but it would be a good idea to clean out your configs and make sure nothing can interfere with your game
  20. Viking34

    Accepted ic3fr0g's Ban appeal

    Ideally you'd share them, so we could check. But for now without the time to pursue this further, it's more fair to remove your ban instead of keeping you waiting.
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