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  1. Lerua

    Declined Remove dr_simpsons suggestion

    Didn't read lol
  2. Lerua

    Declined Remove dr_simpsons suggestion

    That's a solution to fix the map, and also, it would be necessary to not allow a player to pick the same minigame every round. That's where the problem comes from. I wanted to remove the Map from the server to prevent people from exploiting and then put it back with an update. I'm sorry if...
  3. Lerua

    Declined Remove dr_simpsons suggestion

    That's why I'm asking to remove it. Because it's not compatible with the bhop plugin. Bhop makes it too easy. I've never said that. I've never said that I disliked the map. I said that the map has issues. I even enjoy the map, but it's ruined by these problems. What do you want to do about it...
  4. Lerua

    Declined Remove dr_simpsons suggestion

    1) Sorry but you can't compare this map to simulation or neonoir. They are maybe "eye cancer" as you said but they are still beautiful maps, not like that one. And he fact that players are skipping traps on this map, makes it even shorter than it's supposed to be. 2) I'm complaining about that...
  5. Lerua

    Declined Remove dr_simpsons suggestion

    Username: Lerua Which map is the suggestion about? dr_simpsons What is supposed to happen to the map? Remove Why do you want this map change? The map has too much problems and here's the list that why this map needs to be removed from the server: 1) The quality of the map is...
  6. Lerua

    Accepted Fenneko's Moderator Application

    Congratulations ami!
  7. Lerua

    Accepted fluffy boi's Moderator Application

    Congratulations winny!
  8. Lerua

    Declined Remove "Smite" RTD effect in Deathrun.

    I agree with that. About smite, Hells reach and vampire, no need to remove these effects, the death just need to be immune to it.
  9. Lerua

    Declined Remove "Smite" RTD effect in Deathrun.

    Not only smite should be removed, other rtd can ruin the game like: A call from beyond, Fire breath, Madras whistle, Pumpkin trail, Bat swarm and Spawn sentry : Can kill players or/and the death. Spawn sentry/dispenser : Can win easily a minigame or avoid traps by staying on it. Hells reach and...
  10. Lerua

    Completed Update trade_minecraft_neon suggestion

    yes, this one
  11. Lerua

    Completed Update trade_minecraft_neon suggestion

    Username: Aurelienbkt Which map is the suggestion about? trade_minecraft_neon What is supposed to happen to the map? Update Add a link to the updated map https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxyKsJlXPxevTzBBSm1yYXYxZXM/view Why do you want this map change? Because this version of the map...
  12. Lerua

    Declined EcstatiC's Ban appeal

    You have to follow the rules even if you are the death twice on your favorite map.
  13. Lerua

    Accepted Fropitz's Spray Ban appeal

    Unspraybanned here is his current spray
  14. Lerua

    Accepted Goldie's Moderator Application

  15. Lerua

    Accepted CashPrizes's Moderator Application

    Congrats !
  16. Lerua

    Declined Admin Application

    I checked your chat logs and they aren’t great. Exemple : You should calm down because it will be hard to become an admin or a moderator with these insults.
  17. Lerua

    Accepted Peter's Moderator Application

    Congratulations !
  18. Lerua

    Accepted Aurelienbkt's Moderator Application #2

    Thank you so much, I'll do my best to help Squidmane in the server and make sure there is no problem.
  19. Lerua

    Accepted Aurelienbkt's Moderator Application #2

    I edited some things on my application : -I change the time when I am available -I added the punishments -I deleted the emojis -I added a sentence on the question "why do you want to be admin?" -I changed my name and my user name -I added that I was more active on the forum
  20. Lerua

    Accepted xhefos's Moderator Application

    Congratulations !
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