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  1. seraphina

    Pending sycodog07's Moderator Application

    Total Time: 0 months, 2 days, 16 hours, 51 minutes, 55 seconds You lack a lot of information on your application. Please read through the guide
  2. seraphina

    Pending gogomunmungoe's Ban appeal

    Banned by anti cheat for [Anti-Cheat] Aimbot Detected (TB) | Weapon: tf_weapon_shotgun_primary
  3. seraphina

    Declined Jotaro's Moderator Application

    I was right https://www.panda-community.com/threads/magglet-admin-application.14952/
  4. seraphina

    Declined Jotaro's Moderator Application

    Please tell me why you decided to copy paste an entire paragraph from someone's application on Panda https://www.panda-community.com/threads/kron-admin-application.27209/ I'm not convinced you wrote this application yourself either
  5. seraphina

    Pending Rock botom's Moderator Application

    Hi, just gonna go over a few things. Clean chatlogs 2 prior bans from Februrary for stealing and blocking/teamkilling You are missing a lot of punishments. Please read the guide, and feel free to edit your application. Best of luck
  6. seraphina

    Closed For the love of god, launch some x100 mvm servers

    so what would adding more do
  7. seraphina

    Invalid Report against Real_Ryth (Jailbreak US)

    Duplicate report of your previous one. I'm going to close this and have you attach proof the other report. Thanks :)
  8. seraphina

    Accepted 's Shivvvy appeal

    Confirmed in game👍
  9. seraphina

    Pending CRHalby's Moderator Application

    Hi! Thanks for applying again. Good playtime 1 commblock from 2020, no other punishments Clean history of donor votes Clean chatlogs Previous application We issue permanent sprayban for both, kicks and bans not necessary My experience with you ingame is very positive. You show a good...
  10. seraphina

    Declined tigertigerfire1's Moderator Application

    Hi, going to list a few things. Good playtime You have 10 commblocks, the most recent being mid-2022. And 1 ban, from last year as well Relatively clean logs. Previous usage of racial slurs, but you seem to have cleaned those up. Gag and mute as necessary, we don't ban for this Sprayban, we...
  11. seraphina

    Declined Tos's Moderator Application

    It sounds like you just want the small visual "benefit" of being a moderator You say you're willing to ban people if you have to, but it sounds like you won't Here it is
  12. seraphina

    Pending FROTZYZ's Moderator Application

    Hi, just going to list a few things. Second application First application No major punishments and clean chatlogs You have a good start. Since you're applying for dodgeball and deathrun, could you include punishments specific to those gamemodes? In dodgeball, for example...
  13. seraphina

    Pending P1nned's Moderator Application

    Your comments in regards to your behavior don't really clear anything up We want to make sure you understand the specific rules for the different gamemodes you're applying for by showing us how you would punish those offenses. You are still more than welcome to edit your application
  14. seraphina

    Resolved Report against bgl2pnn (█ ► BlackWonder | Orange | 100% Crits ◄ █)

    Username: seraphina Who are you reporting? bgl2pnn What server game mode is the report concerned with? █ ► BlackWonder | Orange | 100% Crits ◄ █ What is the accused persons's SteamID? STEAM_0:1:740870759 What is the reason of the report? Aimbot, Shooting invis spies Files you have...
  15. seraphina

    Declined Add x-1 Medieval mode

    This just feels like melee with mostly downgrades, and a few minor upgrades that would get stale really fast. I don't think a couple of extra damage is convincing enough to make a new server to play on. I don't know much about x-1 but I assume that the gamemode's appeal mostly lies in the...
  16. seraphina

    Answered Hey can someone get in trouble for putting this in the chat

    I am going to go ahead and lock this thread because your initial question was answered. Submit a report whenever you want. Feel free to join our discord to ask small questions whenever you like.!
  17. seraphina

    Pending P1nned's Moderator Application

    Hi, just gonna list a few things. Good playtime. No prior punishments Not sure why you have this attitude towards a team you're applying to be a part of. Currently don't see you on our discord server You're developing an understanding of the kinds of behaviors we punish for, but there are...
  18. seraphina

    Answered Hey can someone get in trouble for putting this in the chat

    The worst that can happen is that the user you're reporting doesn't get punished because we don't have enough evidence to decide if they're cheating. It's not like we're going to ban you for it or anything
  19. seraphina

    Declined gaming gamer's Moderator Application

    Hi, just gonna list a few things. You only have 12 hours of playtime, lots of which you claim to have been AFK for despite the math not adding up. Clean logs No prior punishments We do not resort to kicks then bans for all punishments. For example, we mute people for micspam. You are also...
  20. seraphina

    Answered Hey can someone get in trouble for putting this in the chat

    Why not just make a report?
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