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  1. Oak

    Valentines day

    Sorry I already took him, better luck next time.
  2. Oak

    Accepted Update Jb_wetworks_v12h_temp to Jb_wetworks_v13a suggestion

    This is a brilliant moderator application! I want to congratulate you on becoming mod for these following servers: US JB I will send you links for you to follow shortly.
  3. Oak

    EU4, Victoria 2 and HOI4

    Since Victoria 3 wasn't released when I made this thread I will my favorite moment in for it from my 30 hours so far of playing it below. Victoria 3: Having an economy so large that your enemy depends on importing everything from you so that when you both go to war with each other the enemies...
  4. Oak

    Declined Sheriff Pawbs!'s Moderator Application

    I don't have enough experience with you in game to comment on that matter, however with my experience monitoring your behavior in Discord I can safely say I don't feel comfortable with you being in the staff team. From the evidence in which we have been provided, 4 staff members have agreed...
  5. Oak

    Resolved Report against bgl2pnn (█ ► BlackWonder | Orange | 100% Crits ◄ █)

    Player has been punished, thanks for reporting!
  6. Oak

    Happy New Years and Farewell from Oak

    Happy New Years to everyone in the Blackwonder community. As you may know, I was an active mod and player on BLW during the first half of 2022 and then I drastically stopped playing TF2, however I still continued being active in the BLW Discord server. Sadly though, I said many controversial...
  7. Oak

    Ban the person above you

    banned for also being a furry
  8. Oak

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for modding jailbreak
  9. Oak

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for being a furry
  10. Oak

    hi im dyeds

    Hi fellow JB player :)
  11. Oak

    Accepted Apathy's Moderator Application

  12. Oak

    Accepted Flixkz's Moderator Application

  13. Oak

    Accepted Easy's Moderator Application

  14. Oak

    Herzog gaming

    Geez bro you are such a good gamer! I saw you get a 36KS on Orange the other day 😎
  15. Oak

    hi im new to blackwonder

    is a furry -rep
  16. Oak

    Declined Klejson's Ban appeal

    Hello, We appreciate your decision to stop cheating. However, our policy is that we don't unban cheaters so I will be having to decline this appeal on that basis. We hope you continue to not cheat on other communities and improve as a person. Have a good day, Oak
  17. Oak

    To whoever that kicked me

    My honest reaction
  18. Oak

    To whoever that kicked me

    That was my 750-1000 word essay that I needed as well for college. How dare you kick him man I paid good money for this commission!
  19. Oak

    Show us your desktop!

    Phone wallpapers count also, right? Oh well here is my phone one.
  20. Oak

    Accepted seraphina's Moderator Application

    Congrats on mod Sera!!! :D
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