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  1. 10000 Cold Knights

    Pending [Jailbreak] Blue voting menu

    Votes in jailbreak are bad in general due to them canceling the warden menu. Besides, if voting in team chat was an issue, it would simply have been made against the rules a long time ago. It really isn't.
  2. 10000 Cold Knights

    Pending [Jailbreak] Allow reds to draw

    Seems reasonable, though I wouldn't draw the line (ha-ha) at an auto kos for a bad image.
  3. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Spray Report against Koala (https://steamcommunity.com/id/Doomster9/)

    @the acheiver Spray is within acceptable limits. It was also reviewed and approved by a staff member on the server before you made this report, don't try to circumvent staff with reports in the future.
  4. 10000 Cold Knights

    Accepted eHam's Ban appeal

    Both of the staff members involved have failed to produce any evidence, so this will be lifted. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  5. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Mucklam's Ban appeal

    Thank you for the apology, however we do not ever unban cheaters.
  6. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Gus's Ban appeal

    You were using cl_interp in the exact same way as a lag hack (if it really was interp), only difference is you were a bit lazier. Declined, don't appeal again.
  7. 10000 Cold Knights

    Pending Catfishing.'s Ban appeal

    Start at around 240k of the attached demo (yikes). In addition to your unusually high accuracy and perception, your aim was constantly jittering in a very unnatural, mechanical manner. Other staff will review this and get back to you.
  8. 10000 Cold Knights

    Invalid Report against BullSomicTree1 (X1000 higher tower)

    I'm afraid I can't simply take your word on that, the screenshot would have to confirm that he was one of the demos there for me to take any action. If you have more thorough evidence, feel free to make a new report.
  9. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Throwawayjusttopost's Ban appeal

    Lucas hit the nail on the head. You were both using votekicks inappropriately and giving childish reasons for doing so. If they are being toxic in text or voice chat, vote gagging or muting them for 30 mins would be much more effective than wasting kick votes on them. You yourself stated that...
  10. 10000 Cold Knights

    Resolved Report against The Borker (█ ► BlackWonder US | Super Zombie Fortress ◄ █)

    @Bigunit you can do what you want with these, I'm a bit out of my element here.
  11. 10000 Cold Knights

    Resolved Report against ggtisalo (Us Jailbreak)

    Player has been punished, thx.
  12. 10000 Cold Knights

    Declined Report against THY QUEEN OF ENGLAND (Highertower x1000 id:

    Your screenshots are too small, could you provide clearer evidence?
  13. 10000 Cold Knights

    Resolved Report against NrIHTA (saxton hale)

    Player has been punished, thx.
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