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  1. Timo

    Can you be on blue team during special days without a mic? No, you may not. You must have a good working mic to be on blue.

    I might not be around for jailbreak a lot, but the rules state that it‘s a necessity for blus to have a good microphone. Bothering with special exceptions would be pointless. If you are on blue without a microphone you do not get to stay on blue. Tell em to get off their butt to the next...
  2. Timo

    What is your best moment on BlackWonder?

    When Julia made me owner for like 5 seconds
  3. Timo

    Good Tv Shows

    Sadly no Spanish translation but worth the watch!
  4. Timo

    ProvidedTimmy's Admin Application

    +support Especially enjoyed your punishing system by immediately exterminating the troubleing individual by the most effective method available. Welcome to the team
  5. Timo

    Show us your desktop!

    blinky things
  6. Timo

    First ever photo of a black hole in space

    A very memorable image. The first ever picture assembled by several Radio facilities spread across the entirety of this planet. Hundreds of hard drives stored data from it through the process of 10 days, all for this image which a bit ago was unthinkable to get. History has been written with the...
  7. Timo

    Declined ^F^'s Moderator Application

    I almost had a seizure reading your formatting, in the app as well as in your comment. Please look after your punctation. We would like to offer our users a certain amount of professionalism, at least to the point of being able to read their sentences without having to interpret half of it.
  8. Timo

    Boeing 737 MAXs across the world are being grounded after 2 fatal crashes with 150+ fatalities each within 5 months

    Head-on crash? sure. But a lot of crashes have been survived by passangers, as not every crashing plane will be seeing the inside of a mountain. Then again Getting stuck in an elevator? chances are 1 in 5000 Die in an airplane? one-in-5.3 million
  9. Timo

    Boeing 737 MAXs across the world are being grounded after 2 fatal crashes with 150+ fatalities each within 5 months

    Flight Radar is an amazing tool especially for mobile and in case you have a lot of traveling family members. Guess all we can do in the situation is wait and drink tea. Not that we end up observing more of these...
  10. Timo

    Boeing 737 MAXs across the world are being grounded after 2 fatal crashes with 150+ fatalities each within 5 months

    I'm pretty certain ive been on a 737 already a couple of times. It's unfortunate, but accounting for the immense air traffic there is a surprisingly low amount of fatal crashes involving airliners. The media is just making a big fuzz as soon as something appears to happen because there's nothing...
  11. Timo

    Resolved The Shaymin Title gives the wrong title

    Oh no, it got removed. I think bene just now got to adding it back in after i requested it.
  12. Timo

    Resolved The Shaymin Title gives the wrong title

    I feel offended.
  13. Timo

    Unteamban me please?

    See the above
  14. Timo

    Declined Shoutbox restrictions

    The shoutbox really isn‘t an issue. It‘s mostly some graveyard which lights up once in a while, the rest is being moved to Quality services such as ~~Skype~~ Discord. For such small things it‘s not worth making an effort to implement any restrictions to it. Furthermore we take ourselves the...
  15. Timo

    Australium Professional Killstreak Grenade Launcher giveaway

    Hey Skye, We do not tolerate self promoting and sharking for other‘s accounts. Closing
  16. Timo

    My TF2 is satan...

    Looks like Vinny is doing some nice TF2 corruptions Anyway Steam‘s file verification is your friend
  17. Timo

    Declined RasaPootis's Admin Application

    Hello! The info provided to us does not indicate a good fit to our admin team, taken from the chatlogs: https://tfstats.tf/player/68729 The Steamrep ban: https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/report-76561198389635058-none-no-items.185976/ and the application which consists of plenty of...
  18. Timo

    Late but its still fine...right?

    Welcome to Blackwonder! Please note that we do not take any responsibility for your mental well-being in case of furries entering Jailbreak with you.
  19. Timo

    I'm Sorry, But Really Sorry This Time.

    Apologizing means nothing if you don't change what you are apologizing for in the first place.
  20. Timo

    What do you do during your free time or when you are bored?

    Animating, drawing, moderating, watching People lose Their virginity in jailbreak, oh and Video Games.