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  1. Egg

    Accepted Stabby's Team Ban appeal

    Hey there Stabby, sorry for not responding until now, I didn't get a notification for the tag. I teambanned you five months ago, so you have hopefully learned from your mistakes and can play on Blu without causing trouble.
  2. Egg

    Accepted Uncle Fucking Grapes team ban appeal

    Hey there Uncle Grapes, you were, as you said, teambanned for having no mic. All you have to do to get your teambanned lifted is prove to any Admin/Moderator in-game that you have a microphone. Thank you for your patience and have a nice day.
  3. Egg

    Quentin's intro

    Welcome to Blackwonder. :)
  4. Egg

    Accepted Gibus's Moderator Application

  5. Egg

    Accepted Puddin's Moderator Application

    +support Once you, as others have said, change this: I wasn't around when you were very toxic, but I have heard. You have come a long way with improving your behavior. There isn't much else for me to say, as most of it has been mentioned already. Good luck, I think you would make a great...
  6. Egg

    Accepted Furdroid's Moderator Application

  7. Egg

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forums. :)
  8. Egg

    Accepted Steve Harvey Oswald's Admin Application

  9. Egg

    Resolved Report against Cyprus

  10. Egg

    Pls fix i used my 1000 credits on scrap metal and it took my credits and it didnt give me my scrap metal pls fix

    Use this instead, https://blackwonder.tf/forums/problems.14/ This section of the forum is for player reports.
  11. Egg

    Easter Hunger games giveaway

  12. Egg

    Declined Report against Kim Jong Not So Healthy My Dudes

    It crashes for me as well, therefore I will be closing the report.
  13. Egg

    Resolved Report against hycper66

    Teambanned and banned for a week.
  14. Egg

    Resolved Report against Quick and Greg

    Both have been banned for one day.
  15. Egg

    Resolved Report against pbeyn23

    Teambanned for a day.
  16. Egg

    Resolved Report against Nivek and Chris

    Both have been banned for a day.
  17. Egg

    Resolved Report against Moon_the_fox

    Banned for a day.
  18. Egg

    Declined Blaze012's Mute appeal

    STEAM_0:1:235182032 Your SteamID, @Supreme Leader(3) punished you for ghosting.
  19. Egg

    Resolved Reporting communist kid

    Anti-cheat caught them, already banned.
  20. Egg

    Declined Report against moe

    Already punished. The recording is not short, provide ticks next time you report someone and your demo is that long.