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  1. honey

    Back to Jailbreak, New to BW

  2. honey

    Resolved Report against Zaxx9697 (Us Jailbreak)

    Thanks, dealt with it.
  3. honey

    Declined Johnny_Bok's Team Ban appeal

    You were reported multiple times for breaking numerous rules. The teamban will expire tomorrow, until then i suggest familiarizing yourself with both: Donator rules: https://blackwonder.tf/wiki/donator-rules/ Jailbreak rules: https://blackwonder.tf/wiki/jailbreak-rules/
  4. honey

    Declined Report against Johnny_Bok (Us Jailbreak)

    In some cases teambans work better than votespec as i've had cases where people would join back to just got AFK again. There's not enough context in this clip to ban him for donor abuse. Also people have been punished for being consistently AFK on blue, based off of this and what people were...
  5. honey

    Resolved Report against MK4xke, Johnny_bok (JB US)

    Both were punished.
  6. honey

    Remove Lunapark (Jailbreak)

    The LR crashes were fixed, although the map having a good portion of it that causes client side crashes and causes the game to stop responding is still very much an issue (even in the latest version of carnival). Also let's please keep this thread specific to Luna park. I am sure when Dee and or...
  7. honey

    Remove Lunapark (Jailbreak)

    There's already a poll
  8. honey

    Resolved Report against tripp, jeremyjeremy, Flynn, Cheeser (US Jailbreak)

    Evidently not if someone reported you for doing it. Flynn was teambanned, the rest were warned thanks.
  9. honey

    Resolved Report against dhfjadhjafsladhlf (Us Jailbreak)

    Dealt with it thanks
  10. honey

    Resolved Report against Bradley (Us Jailbreak)

    Thanks, punished.
  11. honey

    Resolved Report against BabyBARKing (Us Jailbreak)

    Punished, thanks.
  12. honey

    Resolved Report against Piedra (Us Jailbreak)

  13. honey

    Resolved Report against Brendon (Jailbreak US)

    Silenced, thanks.
  14. honey

    Declined Billi bon wilfinker's Ban appeal

    Thought i'd comment on this since i've remained in contact with Billi ever since his Perm ban. Without a doubt does he have quite an extensive history of donor abuse/other punishments ranging back all the way to 2017 and the ban he received definitely was justified. Based off of my experiences...
  15. honey

    Resolved Report against DOOM_ (US JB)

    Punished for the MFK, since the vote wasn't called and he left before that i wont punish him for dodging any votes.
  16. honey

    Resolved Report against roe jogan (US JB)

    Thanks, dealt with it.
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