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  1. x9_raven

    Accepted Dr.Bobert (Mr.Doctor)'s Spray Ban appeal

    Spray has been verified
  2. x9_raven

    Declined tf2sandvich's Ban appeal

    You knew you could talk while muted and the round before you were talking when I just joined (video might not work idk)
  3. x9_raven

    Accepted StixTF2's Team Ban appeal

    Sorry for seeing this late and being in the wrong for the teamban.
  4. x9_raven

    Blw jb staff tier list and apology

    What only playing on blue does to a mf
  5. x9_raven

    Declined Tortoise's Team Ban appeal

    I'm not going to revoke your punishment since all your mutes are for micspam. I also warned you in chat to stop using a soundpad. The mute is only for 2 days so it should expire tonight.
  6. x9_raven

    Resolved Jailbreak BR problem

    Wrong scout smh
  7. x9_raven

    Declined shadshad0's Ban appeal

    You've been on blw for a while so you should've known what was gonna happen. Just because they were different memes doesn't let you off the fact that it was spam. Cyveray only posted one meme compared to you guys posting like ten of them. Both of your guy's ban only lasts for 2 hours so you...
  8. x9_raven

    Declined shadshad0's Ban appeal

    You spammed memes in general with strange.
  9. x9_raven

    Resolved Report against MangyCoder7 (US JB)

    Player has been tbanned. Thx
  10. x9_raven

    Resolved Report against Mini-Hades (JB US)

    Player has been gagged. Thx
  11. x9_raven

    Resolved Report against Not deliriousniinja (JB US)

    Player has been tbanned. Thx
  12. x9_raven

    Resolved Report against demoman gaming tradeit.gg (JB US)

    Player has been tbanned. Thx
  13. x9_raven

    Resolved Report against Shad (Jailbreak)

    Player has been punished.
  14. x9_raven

    Resolved Report against YOUR MOM IS MAH BITCH (La Jailbreak)

    He's tbanned now, thx
  15. x9_raven

    Completed Remove mid-roll ads and place them elsewhere

    Look before posting https://blackwonder.tf/threads/ads-ruining-gamemodes.25705/
  16. x9_raven

    Declined BL4NK3T's Ban appeal

    I was the one that banned you. Im pretty sure that you knew that you have to keep your memes in #off-topic but you didn't care at all. Your ban goes away in like an hour so just wait it out.
  17. x9_raven

    Invalid Konfident's Ban appeal

    We saw your first appeal. Be patient.
  18. x9_raven

    Resolved i lose a not fair amount of points

    Some advice on how to not lose points: have a good kd
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