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  1. Wesz

    Accepted Deathrun dr_simulation suggestion

    Map has been updated.
  2. Wesz

    Accepted feelscoldmans's Spray Ban appeal

    spray verified.
  3. Wesz

    Declined Add dr_among_us_v1b

    I've had a conversation with a few staff members, and we have decided to decline the suggestion for now.
  4. Wesz

    Accepted Apathy's Moderator Application

  5. Wesz

    Accepted Easy's Moderator Application

  6. Wesz

    Accepted Flixkz's Moderator Application

  7. Wesz

    Accepted Add jb_aztec

  8. Wesz

    Resolved Report against mustafa ghebo (US JB)

    He was already silenced in game, thanks for reporting anyway.
  9. Wesz

    Pending ZyRoX_'s Moderator Application

    Hi Zyrox, Nice seeing you apply! Previous application from 2020 1. Good amount of playtime. 2. Chatlogs are clean 3. 0 bans, 1 mute which is really old. A few questions for your punishment ladder. 1. What software would you use to record someone hacking? 2. What if someone is ghosting...
  10. Wesz

    Resolved Report against Micheal Morbius (jailbreak)

    Player was already teambanned by shades, thanks for reporting anyway.
  11. Wesz

    Resolved Report against Demonz (US JB)

    Teambanned, thanks.
  12. Wesz

    Accepted seraphina's Moderator Application

    Welcome back!
  13. Wesz

    Accepted DaggerSable's Moderator Application

    Welcome to the team!
  14. Wesz

    Accepted Adveno's Moderator Application

    welcome brooo!!!!
  15. Wesz

    Resolved Report against homo (US JB)

    punished, thanks!
  16. Wesz

    Resolved Report against Bradley (US JB)

    punished, thanks!
  17. Wesz

    Resolved Report against leon (US JB)

    punished, thanks!
  18. Wesz

    Resolved Report against Heckter (US JB)

    punished, thanks!
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