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  1. Wanka

    Accepted Storm's Spray Ban appeal

    Prove to any staff member
  2. Wanka

    Completed VSH needa tune up.

    If the issue with Pyro airblasts is delaying rounds (presumably them being the last alive, running away while spamming ABs) then maybe something could be put in place that would make them weaker and slower when used too often.
  3. Wanka

    Accepted 's kanny appeal

    Old ban from an old admin, and the ban reason is also a dead link. Probably had something to do with awful chat messages since it directed to chatlogs Unbanned, keep your mouth clean
  4. Wanka

    Declined 's Gamer_Cghlawn! appeal

    As soon as I started banning the other Demo's, you literally ran away as if that would do anything. Your chatlogs also show you asking other people to crash the server with you. Playing stupid won't help you. Why are you asking for forgiveness when you apparently did nothing wrong? Your ban...
  5. Wanka

    Resolved Report against Megumin Gaming (2fort)

    Hijacking. Giving Megumin a gag to coincide with the mute since all they do is spam binds and goad people into arguing with them.
  6. Wanka

    Resolved Report against Lunalight (Us Jailbreak)

    Luna's prior warns show a general lack of understanding on how rules work. Teambanned for a day.
  7. Wanka

    Accepted LilMayz's Ban appeal

    Unbanned due to the age of the ban. Don't do anything stupid again.
  8. Wanka

    Declined ironcake451's Ban appeal

    Your SteamID is STEAM_0:0:563932128 and you were banned by @Shades with video evidence. Your punishment only lasts a day, wait it out.
  9. Wanka

    Which custom gamemode do you liked the most?

    I remember playing SZF alot before I fell onto Blackwonder, 2015-ish. Specifically this one map where you'd climb up through a volcano facility, with parkour and shortcuts and all that good stuff. I don't play it much nowadays but those were some good times
  10. Wanka

    No saving points by disconnecting before dying (zombie survival)

    similar thing happens on Deathrun where people will teamswitch to save muh interwebz points but that's not what this thread is about Remove 500 points for disconnecting as a RED while still alive, then Lucas nukes everyones points and we're all happy because
  11. Wanka

    Invalid Report against Staff (2Fort CTF)

    Passive-Agressive Land Whale is not a staff member, they're a donator. The correct SteamID is STEAM_0:1:48896135. Invalidating report as there is a lack of good evidence to do anything with. You can make another report on the user if you can provide a video recording of them abusing their vote...
  12. Wanka

    How do I stop playing jailbreak please help.

    wait for your regional servers to die like I did
  13. Wanka

    Can we undo the forum fix?

  14. Wanka

    Resolved Report against AnIdiotSkeleton, Takin da glizy fo a walk (2fort US)

    Muted for a day and permanently banned, respectively.
  15. Wanka

    Resolved Report against Operation H.O.O.V.Y (Jailbreak)

    MP4s can be uploaded to the forums, but if you're having difficulties then upload it to another site (MEGA, Dropbox, YouTube, etc) and I'll take a look at it
  16. Wanka

    Admit it You found out about Jailbreak because of Freddy210hill

    heard of him but never actually watched his videos. Either way I started playing jailbreak because I was reading up on community gamemodes and this one was the second most interesting, right next to Zombie Fortress which was effectively a dead gamemode at the time
  17. Wanka

    Resolved Report against jaywagy (BR JB)

    Teambanned for two weeks.
  18. Wanka

    Resolved Report against ravier buenas ondas (br jb)

    Current teamban has been upgraded to a two month teamban
  19. Wanka

    Resolved Report against Mr.foxy // Kujo Jotaro I blw.tf (BR JB)

    Foxy has been teambanned for two days. Jotaro already has a week-long teamban.
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