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  1. Demomain

    which cases for unusuals?

    i watched many videos and it seems that the all class opened crate is one of the best because in it, you can find all classes unusual that are pretty expensive or at least 10 keys... but i dont really know. Any tips? also yes im going to buy some cases and the question is: which crate should i...
  2. Demomain

    Tf2 market gardener montage video #2

    i guess that's better right?
  3. Demomain

    Tf2 market gardener montage video

    What should i need to improve/change??
  4. Demomain

    Should i sell my strange corpse carrier?

    I unboxed 25 halloween crates and got one strange corpse carrier.Now should i sell or keep it? (will the price go up or down?)
  5. Demomain


    Idk if buy sticky launcher or grenade launcher ( both australium) tell me which one. Also do you know if there is any site that let you sell ur hats etc for money??
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