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  1. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against yonatan (tfdb)

  2. Bigunit

    Declined JGs's♠'s Ban appeal

    No unban for cheaters.
  3. Bigunit

    Declined 's Ouzou appeal

    Then you are going to be gagged again.
  4. Bigunit

    Declined Kroenen's Ban appeal

  5. Bigunit

    Declined Report against multiple players, possibly a discord group of cheaters (hightower)

    I don't quite sure what is the report about. Are you trying to report entire server for toxicity or accusing of cheating? Watched the short 2nd demo and didn't find anything. I'm confused..
  6. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against clusz (tfdb)

  7. Bigunit

    Declined Asuka's Ban appeal

  8. Bigunit

    Accepted 's domchx appeal

    Removed gag.
  9. Bigunit

    Declined Awoogi's Ban appeal

    Whatever you would answer wouldn't change the situation. Demo is full of moments like i mentioned above which show you cheating.
  10. Bigunit

    Declined Asuka's Ban appeal

    Maybe your accound got hacked and someone else was cheating on servers. No unban for cheaters.
  11. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Chagorhoff (US JB)

  12. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Blues for freekilling (Jailbreak)

    You have to upload it somehow.
  13. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Your Local Fat Dumbass (US JB)

    Added warning.
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