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  1. Pienamai

    Pending Small delay before voting

    May I add my own little suggestion? Make the number 1 option to always be no vote since many automatically press it to get rid of the vote box
  2. Pienamai

    Add dr bootcamp to jb suggestion

    btw i am very much better than @ender because I immediately post to dumpster, ha
  3. Pienamai

    Add dr bootcamp to jb suggestion

    Username: Pienamai Which map is the suggestion about? dr_bootcamp What is supposed to happen to the map? Add Add a link to the map uhhhh gamebanana :> Why do you want this map change? I only believe it is fair to have this map on the Jailbreak server since jb_bootcamp exists on the Deathrun...
  4. Pienamai

    Add new 2Fort maps

    Aliens :(
  5. Pienamai

    Imagine trying to get #1 in jailbreak

    I feel this might be targeted towards someone
  6. Pienamai

    Accepted ThatSpy's Team Ban appeal

    Hi there, due to the offense being quite small, I'll remove the punishment this time. Hope to not see you here again!
  7. Pienamai

    Declined 's moth appeal

    Due to your behavior on the servers, past punishments, and the effort on this appeal, I have very little reason to believe you've changed your behavior. Therefore I'll be keeping the mute. Have a good day!
  8. Pienamai

    Pending !bet and !duel gambling features

    How would the bet command work? Would winning the bet just automatically double your cash or would all bets go to a split prize pool between the winners of the bet?
  9. Pienamai

    Which custom gamemode do you liked the most?

    2fort insta respawn
  10. Pienamai

    How do I stop playing jailbreak please help.

    Ok if you wish we can arrange something, install some cheats and call me up to ban you. Please reset your points first :>
  11. Pienamai

    Declined Add !unstuck command

    Sounds like it'll be hard to make an unexploitable command for that
  12. Pienamai

    Declined Add !unstuck command

    How would the command work?
  13. Pienamai

    moai thread

  14. Pienamai

    Declined Bhop plugin keeps market garden crit

    Bro I love market gardening people in deathrun
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