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  1. seraphina

    Discord memes channel

    i'll respond on cammy's behalf: "oh dear. i am terribly sorry. i was wrong to assume. what a fool i am." ">.>"
  2. seraphina

    Answered so my buddy was banned for multi hack but he wasent hacking any tips?

    https://blackwonder.tf/form/punishment-appeal.3/select <--- kind of a weird place to put this thread. share the link above with your buddy. appeals are fine, if you think he was unfairly banned. though keep in mind if he spammed the appeal or admitted to cheating, chances are it'll get declined...
  3. seraphina

    How do I stop playing jailbreak please help.

    Even better, don't reset your points. Make your position irreplaceable
  4. seraphina

    Answered Help Ive been banned

  5. seraphina

    Closed Why I'm quitting BLW

    YES! This is excellent news! Probably the best thing that's ever happened to me since yesterday. I can't even contain my excitement. I think I will throw a tremendous party and invite everyone I know! Except you. Because you're not in Blackwonder anymore. Now I can rejoice! No more crying...
  6. seraphina

    Closed I am running for president of blackwonder 2022

    candidate is guilty of publishing copious amounts of libel
  7. seraphina

    Accepted Dub's Moderator Application

    AYE Congrats!
  8. seraphina

    Anyone able to find some little easter eggs?

    Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I've been toying around with the themes for a little while now. The messages change, and some of them get a little laugh out of me. Feel free to check them out, because I've been mindlessly refreshing my page for about 10 minutes now and I'm still...
  9. seraphina

    Completed Remove React emote

    we're extra sad, try to understand.
  10. seraphina

    hi im new to blackwonder.tf

    have you heard of chinese driving test simulator?
  11. seraphina


    I wouldn't necessarily think you'd be the laughing stock of the community. Ya, most of the responses to your previous thread are a definite eyeroll to the appeal-like 'argument' for a hacker, but it's a story we hear a lot from different people. Sounds like you need a break. Wish you the best
  12. seraphina

    Can we undo the forum fix?

    I miss I stan Supr 😢
  13. seraphina

    What are your favourite video games?

  14. seraphina

    Accepted Robinson XI's Moderator Application

  15. seraphina

    Closed My callout post on seraphim#6628

    your lack of hatred towards "russians/commies" has been noted and will be reported to the authorities immediately
  16. seraphina

    Closed My callout post on seraphim#6628

    libel i say
  17. seraphina

    Bumrush or Bombrush

  18. seraphina

    bruuuh ??

    i feel like i just read everything twice in this post Anyway, don't worry about your logs too much. No one's expecting you to be an adult or anything at 13. Just cut the slurs and enjoy the game, yeah? Hope to see you around :)
  19. seraphina

    Hey im new on here

    hi :)
  20. seraphina

    Ban the person above you

    banned for losing fortnite
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