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  1. Wife Material

    Declined Remove dr_simpsons suggestion

    Being death is fun. You get to kill the red team and say 'ez' after winning. With this map it is impossible to do much as death, since there's like 3 players who bhop and just speedrun this map. If you run after them, you leave the other reds alone and they can progress through freely. If you...
  2. Wife Material

    Pending Adveno's Moderator Application

    Great to see you Adveno! I'll briefly go over your application. But first, i have two questions: - How would you punish someone who is abusing !calladmin? - What would you do if someone is evading being punished? Could you please provide your Discord name and #? What would you use to record...
  3. Wife Material

    Declined Add !unstuck command

    What if someone uses the command without being stuck?
  4. Wife Material

    Accepted Fuwwox's Spray Ban appeal

    Spray was verified by me. Unspraybanned.
  5. Wife Material

    Closed Philip's Admin Application

    Congrats! Knew you would make it!
  6. Wife Material

    Closed Philip's Admin Application

    +support Honestly would be better that Oak. We all know that.
  7. Wife Material

    Accepted Dub's Moderator Application

  8. Wife Material

    Declined 2 deaths in Deathrun.

    We're aware of this. We haven't looked deeply into this yet. So i'm unable to provide a solid answer. This is true. Griefing would be a big issue ontop of everything else. Since this "idea" isn't refined yet, i'm unable to provide a solution. It might be confusing. But the best fix for this...
  9. Wife Material

    Declined 2 deaths in Deathrun.

    Hello all! To clarify, this idea just came out of the bloom. We have no idea if this has been tried before, but we gave it the benefit of the doubt. We currently might not have the best solutions to the problems listed up above. We want to hear everything the community had to say to our...
  10. Wife Material

    Accepted Chromsmith's Spray Ban appeal

    Spray was verified by me. Unspraybanned.
  11. Wife Material

    Accepted Chromsmith's Spray Ban appeal

    Banned by @Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf
  12. Wife Material

    Accepted Update Dr_simulation_v1b suggestion

    Username: Badwater Which map is the suggestion about? Dr_simulation_v1b What is supposed to happen to the map? Update Add a link to the updated map https://gamebanana.com/mods/74590 Why do you want this map change? The new version (v1c) has bugfixes for: - Death fall damage -...
  13. Wife Material

    Resolved Report against 忍者 (BlackWonder | Orange z7 | 100% Crits | Homing Reflects)

    Username: Badwater Who are you reporting? 忍者 What server game mode is the report concerned with? BlackWonder | Orange z7 | 100% Crits | Homing Reflects What is the accused persons's SteamID? [U:1:1200908838] What is the reason of the report? Micspam. Files you have as proof...
  14. Wife Material

    Declined Elathecuddlyegirl's Moderator Application

    Hello! @Elathecuddlyegirl This is a short reply to say my personal experiences i've had with you. I've played with you multiple times on Classwars as well as in Deathrun. You're really friendly and interactive with other players which is really nice to see. You're also well behaved and you...
  15. Wife Material

    Accepted Esoterist's Spray Ban appeal

    I verified the spray, unspraybanned.
  16. Wife Material

    What are your favourite video games?

    My top 3 are: Battlefield V TF2 Poker Night At The Inventory
  17. Wife Material

    Accepted Robinson XI's Moderator Application

    Thank you all!
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