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  1. Yelowchy

    Hello Everyone

  2. Yelowchy

    My Introduction

    Welcome too blackwonder, will you help me conquer the world?
  3. Yelowchy

    What are you listening to?

  4. Yelowchy

    Easter Hunger games giveaway

    So it’s Easter... and what better time to sit inside and watch anime all day hold a giveaway. I’m giving away this unusual: Click here to view! (or... you could also keep it a surprise for yourself) To decide who wins the giveaway, I'll also be using BrantSteele Hunger Games simulator. Once...
  5. Yelowchy

    Apology/Last Note

    Cya ‘round, gonna miss ya...
  6. Yelowchy

    Completed New game mode???

    Silence republitard
  7. Yelowchy

    Yelowchy's Admin Application

    I don’t have any leaks, but I’ve got this fun game from epic games called forkknife
  8. Yelowchy

    Yelowchy's Admin Application

    User name: Yelowchy Name Yelowchy Your Age It’s been 84 years Location Wherever Philip is... uh Idaho? Your SteamID STEAM_0:1:48162106 Your DiscordID Mr/Miss Benedevil#2734 Have you managed servers previously? Yes Which servers have you previously managed? Oh uh there was...
  9. Yelowchy

    Completed New game mode???

    Wub +SUPPORT
  10. Yelowchy

    Completed Make you unable to spectate the Death

    Being unable to spectate deaths makes it impossible to make demos of the death breaking rules
  11. Yelowchy

    Declined Remove Jailbreak VSH LR?

    I concede my point then...
  12. Yelowchy

    Declined Remove Jailbreak VSH LR?

    Not sarcasm... people who want to play without it can have their own server, while those who still wanna have it can play on the normal server... doesn’t that make both parties happy?
  13. Yelowchy

    Declined Remove Jailbreak VSH LR?

    Create a separate jb server without it... similar to the deathrun server without bhop
  14. Yelowchy

    Being banned on our tf2 server for unknow reasons

    Please use the proper format to appeal your punishment. Ban appeal
  15. Yelowchy

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for farming the thread
  16. Yelowchy

    heelo guys ^^

    Welcome to Blackwonder UwU
  17. Yelowchy

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for necroposting
  18. Yelowchy


    UwU I’ll be your friend hugs
  19. Yelowchy

    Resolved The Shaymin Title gives the wrong title

    Lucky y’all still have it. Mine disappeared outta nowhere.