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  1. Herald11

    Resolved Report against SoFnFURIOUS (Blackwonder UK | Trade Minecraft)

    Player has been punished.
  2. Herald11

    Accepted LAMER_CAT's Team Ban appeal

    Turns out I actually did teamban you for micspam, I really don't remember teambanning you at all... I will be removing the ban.
  3. Herald11

    Accepted LAMER_CAT's Team Ban appeal

    Are you sure you are actually muted? In sourcebans it says you are not...
  4. Herald11

    Resolved Report against BridgyeetaBLW.TF (jailbreak)

    Bridgyeeta has been punished. @Feg @ShotMisser @Bridgyeeta, please refrain from commenting on reports unless you actually have something useful to contribute.
  5. Herald11

    Accepted Mr {Doshalicious} Foster's Team Ban appeal

    Hey, I just saw you in-game! I confirmed you have a mic! You are now unteambanned! :)
  6. Herald11

    Curios's Ban appeal

  7. Herald11

    Declined Report against Kingisaac824 (La jailbreak)

    Isaac did not freekill you, as you detoured around when going to the black line. I will be closing this report.
  8. Herald11

    Declined Report against Gabino (La Jailbreak)

    I don't see how he is harassing you. If you get sufficient evidence of him actually doing so, please feel free to report them again.
  9. Herald11

    Resolved (LAJB) Report against Not a KGB spy

    Player has been punished.
  10. Herald11

    Resolved Report against DR34M (Jailbreak SG)

    Player has been punished.
  11. Herald11

    Resolved Report against theradgangster (Jailbreak LA)

    Player has been punished.
  12. Herald11

    Resolved Report against XxDonkySlayrxX (Jailbreak)

    Player has been punished.
  13. Herald11

    Resolved Report against Papa John (LA Jailbreak)

    Player has been punished.
  14. Herald11

    Resolved Report against sm1dy (La Jailbreak)

    STEAM_0:0:162141271 is Sm1dy's actual steam id. The player has been punished.
  15. Herald11

    Resolved Report against Paradoxor (Jailbreak LA)

    Player has been punished.
  16. Herald11

    Resolved Report against Puggy and DAnXEL (Jailbreak LA)

    Danxel has been punished for 1 week. Puggy has not been teambanned, as he and many other people are yelling at the warden to turn off friendly, so he took action and killed Danxel to prevent any more reds from dying. Thank you for the report.
  17. Herald11

    Easter Hunger games giveaway

    Yelo is no longer interested in doing the giveaway, so I'm closing it.
  18. Herald11

    Read Me Map Adder/Updater/Fixer/Removal thread.

    REMOVAL If there is a map you think that should be removed from out servers, follow these instructions: 1. What's the map's name? ba_cavernjail_v2a 2. Why should we remove it? The map is extremely small, the minigames are not good, the server loses almost all players when this map is selected...
  19. Herald11

    Invalid Report against bishcantread (What it says on steamidfinder, he keeps changing it (Jailbread)

    Do you have any proof that they were actually micspamming and dodging the mute? That screenshot is not enough proof.