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  1. Benedevil

    Disconnect:buffer overflow in net message

    Has this still been happening?
  2. Benedevil

    Declined Hermitcraft server for BLW?

    Hello, I don't believe this is a good idea, since it's even more niche and people would have to download the mod pack. Thank you for your suggestion
  3. Benedevil

    Declined Different Classes have Different Crouch Speeds

    Hello, as mentioned above the actual speed of standing up is not any different, so the mini game is still valid. Thank you for your concern!
  4. Benedevil

    Instant respawn servers eliminate funny ragdoll deaths

    Added poll. Thanks for the suggestion
  5. Benedevil

    News Come play Super Smash Bros!

    Play a Game: Continue reading...
  6. Benedevil

    Disconnect:buffer overflow in net message

    Hello, what server would you usually play on on blackwonder? Do you use any modifications to the game such as custom models?
  7. Benedevil

    Resolved Store Donator Not Working

    This has been resolved. Thanks
  8. Benedevil

    News Come test the new Trade Plaza Map!!!

    Play a Game: Join steam://connect/ Check out our new map! Continue reading...
  9. Benedevil

    News Come play Stop That Tank! Giving away 10k credits to randoms!

    Play a Game: Come play Stop That Tank and fight as robots! Continue reading...
  10. Benedevil

    Pending Make all Freeday Special rounds 5 minutes.

    Looking for a more prominent majority, so vote if you haven't done so
  11. Benedevil

    Completed Better daily reward?

    You can now redeem 5 additional credits, up to a total of 500 with a 100 day streak
  12. Benedevil

    Resolved Wearables in GunGame

    Thanks, a fix has been applied but not tested. If the issue still occurs, feel free to post another thread
  13. Benedevil

    Resolved Fix ba_mariopartyextended_v4

    Thank you, issue has been fixed and will be applied soon
  14. Benedevil

    Resolved Mechanized Mercs on ba_cavernjail_v2a

    Thank you, the issue has been addressed and will be applied shortly
  15. Benedevil

    Resolved Forums on mobile bug

    The addon has now been removed
  16. Benedevil

    Resolved A game breaking teleporter bug in rampant tower defense map

    This issue has been addressed by @Cake :3 Thanks
  17. Benedevil

    Resolved VSH LR Problem

    This has been addressed a long time ago. Excuse the late reply
  18. Benedevil

    Resolved Issue with soundlist

    Thanks, files have been removed and will be applied soon