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  1. Cowboy

    Brand New Jailbreak LA Tier List Template

    joe who
  2. Cowboy

    Tier List of Jailbreak Players

    >shad in S tier >Yeahokaybud.jpeg
  3. Cowboy

    Jailbreak LA/US Tier list mini project

    Just wanna say thanks for putting the time into this list. Brought back a lot of memories of back in the day with all the og members. I just wish i realized how much of a treasure the LA JB community used to be.
  4. Cowboy

    Declined update jb_wetworks

    Hey we should totally like... remove this map. cause it sucks. A lot.
  5. Cowboy


  6. Cowboy

    Invalid Report against HypnoSync (Jailbreak US)

    Do you have a longer video by chance? It's really hard to understand what the context of the video is in a 7 second clip.
  7. Cowboy

    Declined They should add Bhop back into Jb Vsh

    Enable Bhop. Disable Dead Ringer.
  8. Cowboy

    Accepted est's Moderator Application

    Greetings Est, I apologize for not commenting on your application sooner as i have been swamped with end of semester papers I have to somehow finish in-time, but no matter. It looks like you've hit 3 days and then some, great to see that you are dedicated. Ladder looks reasonable, not a big...
  9. Cowboy

    Declined Give crits back to guards when warden locks (Jailbreak)

    Tbh i think it's kind of crazy that this was implemented. Was there a specific design choice when making this new crit system? Blues are usually at a disadvantage most of the time if the server is full. We are already having trouble maintaining a healthy population of blu's when the server is...
  10. Cowboy

    Accepted eyepon's Team Ban appeal

    Mic verified in-game.
  11. Cowboy

    Accepted Dee's Moderator Application

    Hello Dee! After playing with you for an extended period of time since my last post, I'd like to rescind my previous opinion and give you my support. You have not had a repeat of the incident that 10k has cited and have remained a great example of what a jailbreak player should be. As long as...
  12. Cowboy

    Declined Actually Festive's Team Ban appeal

    While I'm an advocate of second chances and appreciate that you own up to your actions, you have waaay too many recent priors for me to even consider lowering the length of punishment. You're going to need start taking these punishments seriously or you'll be looking at a perm Tban in the...
  13. Cowboy

    Accepted fluffy boi's Moderator Application

  14. Cowboy

    Accepted Mytherod's Team Ban appeal

    His mic has been verified in-game and has been unbanned.
  15. Cowboy

    Answered freeday abuse?

    No, he's just rebelling at that point.
  16. Cowboy

    Add ba_sincinatti_v3 suggestion

    Yeah cavernjail has the same problem, no idea why the map creators thought it was a good idea.
  17. Cowboy

    Accepted Dee's Moderator Application

    My opinion of your application is overall positive, but i have to agree with 10k here when it comes to your lack of experience. You're going to be playing with other players who have been playing on the server for a very long time and you're going to need to be confident in your knowledge...
  18. Cowboy

    philip's head admin application

  19. Cowboy

    Old HopJB map

    I think the new hopjb map is actually pretty good, sumo is an interesting and visually impressive minigame. both maps in the rotation would be awesome!
  20. Cowboy

    Declined PROPLAYEN's Mute appeal

    For records sake, here his steam id: STEAM_0:1:83187473 Honestly speaking, I think I gave you way too many warnings and should've muted you way before this scenario due to how disruptive you were, but nonetheless. I tried to warn you to fix your mic and to stop spamming through private...
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