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  1. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Closed Remove Jail break

  2. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    How to get life

    If your reading this, you already failed, your reading life advice on a tf2 forum website
  3. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Do u luv fortnite? :flushed:

    Oak is like, so cringe. Wanna know why? Instead of playing No Man's Sky with Tony and I, he decided to play MvM instead! Like how could he refuse to play NMS? NMS is the best game ever and he goes "Screw you crikey and Tony, imma go play MvM because I think I'm so cool!" Like who does he think...
  4. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    How to false report people on forum (WONT GET BANNED)

    Ok all you have to do is find the person you want to troll, write down their name. Ok this step is really important, and I mean REALLY important. Put your own steam ID instead of theirs, then give a random reason why they should get banned like "They said the n word" or "they said among us joke"...
  5. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Light mode or dark mode

    Valid Message
  6. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    How to feel sad about loss of LA jb

    You dont have to be. They re-made LA jailbreak better then new. You can find the server on roblox called "jailbreak".
  7. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    When la jailbreak alive

  8. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    will server die as quick as amongus.tf?

    I was on my favorite tf2 server finding website called americancowboysuperherovideogamefightingboxingfootball.tf and I saw a server called amongus.tf! And it died after 2 days of existing, will the same happen to blw?
  9. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    How to fix tf2 ping (no more bad hitreg)

    you cant
  10. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Closed Remove Jailbreak

    Do it
  11. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    How to play LA jailbreak (WARNING VERY HARD)

    To play LA jailbreak, you have to go sniper. And then wait like 4 hours until someone joins then leaves
  12. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Whats cooler

    What or who is cooler
  13. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Bring back old US jb

    or just delete it
  14. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Closed How to make the worst post on the forum's.

    You have to use correct grammar. And you have to be polite, and not ping admins.
  15. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Closed H0w t0 mak3 th3 m0st 3p1c p0st 0n f0rums

    Y0u hav3 t0 us3 all th3 3pic numb3r2 and th3n p1ng all l3 admins @.adam
  16. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Whats the deal with airline food!

    Help me
  17. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Who is coolest adam

  18. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Closed Whos Joe?

    Tell me
  19. Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

    Candice got ligma and joe is really sad

    im crying and shaking
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