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  1. spacedude997

    Goodbye Blackwonder

    Take all the time you need my man. And my only advice is to talk to people you can trust, be more open. Or at least start a with a therapist of some kind, it does help and I'm speaking from some experience albeit not as horrendous as yours.
  2. spacedude997

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    Funny how an admin can bring up the "no proof" card
  3. spacedude997

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    You're no stranger when it comes to false punishments ;)
  4. spacedude997

    Easter Hunger games giveaway

  5. spacedude997

    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

  6. spacedude997

    VSH LR Spy/Engineer Nerfs

    Most of these issues could just be resolved with a get good But yeah the dead ringer is incredibly unfun to fight against and should be nerfed No L`etranger is annoying because of the cloak reward given which actively encourages spies to be stoopid and delay and camp the round. Engies have...
  7. spacedude997

    And so I Depart.

    Its the guy that ghosts with his discord buddies aint it
  8. spacedude997

    And so I Depart.

    The entire admin system works on evidence, look at Cammys screenshot. Its their word against yours and you have a chance, something will come out of it and there's no harm in trying. Im speaking as a guy that was punished quite a bit in jailbreak so seeing an unfair case carry on is just kinda...
  9. spacedude997

    And so I Depart.

    The fact that you were team banned with no tangible evidence is indeed questionable I've been perma team banned for a couple of months now and I still kick myself about it. Its worth it to take this further with Benedevil, making a thread about it, contacting him through discord or whatever...
  10. spacedude997

    Increasing delay between maps

    Me likey
  11. spacedude997

    Completed New game mode???

  12. spacedude997

    Rhyme a word

    I want to NEGLECT this
  13. spacedude997

    Completed New game mode???

    Dumpster when
  14. spacedude997


    fucked over
  15. spacedude997

    Declined Bring back Atomizer double jump for Jailbreak

    Its a 3D game meaning they could just aim their projectiles? And when you are hit you're forced to resort to move away from everyone and get a health kit. A melee shouldn't punish guards for standing still regardless. Last time I checked dashing to the nearest exit/ getting the easy way out...
  16. spacedude997

    Jailbreak suggestion

    Someone close this But this is stooopid.
  17. spacedude997

    Completed Remove steely wheely LR

    >Yes I did >I was clearly joking with my statement but okay love you
  18. spacedude997

    spacedude997's Moderator Application

    User name: spacedude997 Name eatthatpusssy445 Your Age 12 Location Wales Your SteamID No lol Your DiscordID You aint spamming me Have you managed servers previously? Yes Which servers have you previously managed? I owned my own Roblox server until the trial ran out On...
  19. spacedude997

    Jampoint's Owner Application

    can we not oppress women for one second jesus
  20. spacedude997

    Declined Bring back Atomizer double jump for Jailbreak

    It does 15 damage and does 40 damage over the course of 8 seconds one person running it and getting free damage off blues with an easy right click shouldn't even be allowed.