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  1. Philip

    Accepted Gibus's Moderator Application

    Congrats! ... backseat badmin :^)
  2. Philip

    Accepted Puddin's Moderator Application

  3. Philip

    Is there any reason that the banner was made in ms paint?

    Bruh that's hella cringe bro
  4. Philip

    News Scouting Ahead

    Delete CsGo smh
  5. Philip

    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

  6. Philip

    News National Heavy Boxing League Season 8 Highlights

    This is it guys. This IS the heavy update.
  7. Philip

    Goodbye Blackwonder

    Sad gamer moments
  8. Philip


    Howdy! Welcome!
  9. Philip

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    Him spawn camping and his relations with a staff member/other players are different issues. Either way, this thread is not accomplishing anything at the moment, as it is derailing from the main purpose. It would be advisable if someone were to close this and/or take this topic somewhere more...
  10. Philip

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    S t o p
  11. Philip

    Invalid [SC] Cute Doggo Tban appeal

    Wrong place, wrong format. https://blackwonder.tf/form/punishment-appeal.3/select (You could just ask an admin there to check your mic though)
  12. Philip

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    https://bans.blackwonder.tf/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=Goldensliv&advType=name Oh lol Well if you feel like the ban was unjust for whatever reason, feel free to appeal https://blackwonder.tf/form/punishment-appeal.3/select
  13. Philip

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    *Squints at Herald*
  14. Philip

    Accepted Furdroid's Moderator Application

    Congratulations ?
  15. Philip

    Rhyme a word

  16. Philip


    DMs exist >:(
  17. Philip

    Answered VSH server.

    What exactly in VHS do you want updated in the first place? If you want to suggest update ideas, make a thread for it.
  18. Philip

    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

  19. Philip


    Username checks out