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  1. Kerknor

    Declined R7 | Monika's Moderator Application (UPDATED!)

    Evening R7 | Monika, The staff has already touched on subjects that needed to be addressed and to be blunt, your responses have me concerned. You have little time with the community and in some areas, it's non-existent. I am not sure if you just don't know that you were advertising hacks or if...
  2. Kerknor

    Accepted Gibus's Moderator Application

    Evening Gibus, Most of the other staff have commented on what was needed and I was happy to see you responding. Can't say I have ever seen you in-game, however, I have seen you active on the forums and very active in Discord. You do seem to show an attitude of wanting...
  3. Kerknor

    Accepted Puddin's Moderator Application

    Morning puddin, App itself is clean cut and nicely done. Although I can see your understanding of the punishment scale from 24hrs straight to a week, there needs to be a middle ground there. Doubling the previous has been a staple and while you could increase it based on the situation, I think...
  4. Kerknor

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    As this thread has deviated from the original topic and become an opportunity to complain about others I am closing it. Your original grievance has been addressed and answered. If you would like to report a player please use this https://blackwonder.tf/forums/reports.7/ or if you'd like to...
  5. Kerknor

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    Well you did chat prior to the ban. But since this thread is about you feeling that the Admin Honey treated you unfairly, I will solve this issue right now. Honey is not an Admin. Done and done.
  6. Kerknor

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    No stranger to no proof, false accusations, of course.
  7. Kerknor

    How I feel about Blackwonder

    Morning there Goldensliv, I truly am sorry you have such a sour outlook on Blackwonder. Its certainly not a good thing you felt it was unfair of you to be banned for spawn-camping when you placed that level 3 outside the enemy spawn. I'm sure those that...
  8. Kerknor

    Accepted 2st's sprayban appeal

    Show any Admin in-game to have the ban removed.
  9. Kerknor

    Resolved Report against Sergio_dre_dasto, chair sniffer

    That is unfortunate. I will be happy to help if you come across them again. No doubt in my mind they would do it again given what you have shown. If a !calladmin or the request help is not getting someone in due to availability, feel free to contact me directly in discord, since I know their...
  10. Kerknor

    Accepted Furdroid's Moderator Application

  11. Kerknor

    Resolved Report against Sergio_dre_dasto, chair sniffer

    Thank you for your report @Knarzvakx Yes this is evidence of them lingering around enemy spawn, unfortunately friendlies and enemy players in the hay room have made it difficult to determine that definitive spawn camping has occurred. It could be argued either way. Do you happen to have more...
  12. Kerknor

    Resolved Report against CUNT

    Player has been dealt with. Thank you for your report.
  13. Kerknor

    Resolved Report against You retard.

    Player has been dealt with. Thank you for your report.
  14. Kerknor

    Declined Zombiez_'s Moderator Application

    Morning Zombiez_ Most of the other staff have touched on the more important aspects of this application very well so I won't have much to say on this. Disrespecting players is not the best way to "get them in line" so to speak, so your chat logs do need work...
  15. Kerknor

    Accepted clementtompel's Mute appeal

    STEAM_0:1:226628585 is your SteamID. Muted by @Wanka
  16. Kerknor

    Declined Yoshi_Minker's Ban appeal

    Evening Yoshi_Minker, So to start things off, yes you did apologize, however not in the manner you are making it seem. A request went out to not spawn camp. You and your friend's response to this was to go Soldier Medic combo, while Abyss went Engi and then spawn camp over and over. Funny...
  17. Kerknor

    Declined Silent's Ban appeal

    Morning Silent, My advice would be this. Don't let your RL friends play on your comp and break the rules. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198272715342 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198279739801 Playing oblivious when you clearly knew who this...
  18. Kerknor

    Declined Gag Appeal

    Morning Goldensliv, Your chat logs aren't bad as far as homophobic remarks like your bind. Now if you had simply made this appeal with an apology, and said you wouldn't do it again, I would have put serious consideration into lowering the time on the gag...
  19. Kerknor

    Declined AlexDrake0's ban appeal

    Morning Alexdrake0, Yes, YoshiThePyro and Soviet Union were spawn camping. They were banned as well. Right after your friends were warned not to spawn camp as a heavy medic combo, you decided to help them out by continuously holding open the spawn door so...
  20. Kerknor

    Declined Zeesastrous's Ban appeal

    Clearly, you knew you were banned since you tried to come back in multiple times. Why did you wait almost a year to appeal?