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  1. Jim

    Read Me Jim Needs an Artist

    Preferably one good at art :P I need a 320 x 200 word art banner that looks good. PM me on the forums or DM me on discord @Jim#6442 for details so we can talk about what I'm specifically looking for and payment which I'll do in TF2 Keys.
  2. Jim

    Declined Silent Sniper's Ban Appeal

    Your appeal was already declined.
  3. Jim

    A re-introduction I guess

    Ratings got fetus deletus'd with a bunch of commie stuff. If you can make or find a winner emote in the same style as the other ratings you can send it to me on discord and I can prolly get it added.
  4. Jim

    im a reeee's Ban appeal

    STEAM_0:0:108052673 Banned by Sleuth for sharing an IP with STEAM_0:1:496654426 which was banned for hacking by console eight minutes before you connected to the servers.
  5. Jim

    Invalid ricardo's Ban appeal

  6. Jim

    Declined Yoshi_Minker's Ban appeal

    STEAM_0:1:78203573 Banned by @Kerknor for a day for spawncamping. Your friends need to appeal on their own if they want to try and have their punishment shortened or removed.
  7. Jim

    Pending WolfHunterSpy's Moderator Application

    You aren't even on our discord server. I don't see much of a marginal difference than your last several applications last year.
  8. Jim

    Pending Furdroid's Moderator Application

    Could you list your prior forum and discord names for me? Pretty sure I knew you under a different name and want to give a fully fleshed out response.
  9. Jim

    Declined Wilko's Admin Application

    Hello @Wilko At this time we have decided to decline your application mainly due to your inappropriate chatlogs and undesirable behavior in other communities. Feel free to reapply when you've cleared up these issues and a reasonable amount of time has passed.
  10. Jim

    Resolved Report against /n /n . Mariк

  11. Jim

    Resolved Report against Josern and Moto Moto's Brother (Sed)

    Gagged them both. Note that the first number in ALL SteamIDs for TF2 report start with the number 0 for future reports. (Makes it easier for admins; Their SteamIDs for our purposes are STEAM_0:1:173068963 and STEAM_0:1:443518590 )
  12. Jim

    Resolved Report against Weebus

    Player muted.
  13. Jim

    Resolved Report against RoBloX

  14. Jim

    Invalid Report against bjaninab1

    Please upload evidence of rule breakers in the future.
  15. Jim

    Resolved Report against Weebus

    He has no prior mutes at all so he wasn't talking while muted and I can't discern what he says at tick 15000 but it didn't sound like a racist comment. I'm going to decline this but feel free to DM me on discord if there's additional evidence / ticks that I missed or that you can show me.
  16. Jim

    Resolved Report against [MBM] [SG] radioactivetwat 2.0 and BringTheK9

    Gagged twat and teambanned k9.
  17. Jim

    Pending Report against ✪ [UbUp] Candyskill ✪

    @Cake :3 punish as you see fit then tag me on discord and I'll close this thread.
  18. Jim

    Declined Blaze012's Gag appeal

    STEAM_0:1:235182032 Gagged by @Supreme Leader(3) for 8 hours for calling him out.
  19. Jim

    Invalid I got Gag

    Use the appeal template. https://blackwonder.tf/form/punishment-appeal.3/select
  20. Jim

    Pending crime commiter BitSkins.com's Ban appeal

    STEAM_0:0:181487694 Banned by @Buster for cheating and fake latency.