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  1. Benedevil

    News Come play Harvest Alpine!

    Play a Game: Come play Harvest Alpine! steam://connect/ Continue reading...
  2. Benedevil

    News Come test the new randomizer!

    Play a Game: All new weapons now included. IP: Continue reading...
  3. Benedevil

    News AUS Jailbreak Time!!

    Play a Game: Come play some AUS Jailbreak! Continue reading...
  4. Benedevil

    News Test MVM and play as a robot

    Play a Game: You can become a bot with !joinblue Continue reading...
  5. Benedevil

    News VSH Rotation now

    Play a Game: Play VSH! Continue reading...
  6. Benedevil

    Themes on the forums

    We now support pad again and got some new mere themes. Enjoy
  7. Benedevil

    News Join da Deathrun with Weapons!

    Play a Game: Continue reading...
  8. Benedevil

    News Play Deathrun US with Weapons

    Play a Game: Play da deathrun Continue reading...
  9. Benedevil

    News Play on SG Jailbreak

    Play a Game: Come play SG JB Continue reading...
  10. Benedevil

    News Join Hampter and CometPM in UK Jailbreak

    Play a Game: Hampter AKA Bazinga and CometPM liek jailbreak. IP: Continue reading...
  11. Benedevil

    News Deathrun with Weapons with new BHOP

    Play a Game: EA SPORTS steam://connect/ IP: Continue reading...
  12. Benedevil

    News Please help revive weapons deathrun server

    Play a Game: Come revive the cooler deathrun server Continue reading...
  13. Benedevil

    News Come try Deathrun with Weapons and Speed BHOP

    Play a Game: We finally have a DR #1 again. HOHO Continue reading...
  14. Benedevil

    Read Me Commonly rejected Suggestions

  15. Benedevil

    News Play Super Zombie Fortress in TF2!!

    Play a Game: Come join and play as a Tank, Jokey or Hunter and more! IP: Continue reading...
  16. Benedevil

    News Play L4D in TF2????!!!!

    Play a Game: You can become all your favourite L4D zombies in TF2!! IP: Continue reading...
  17. Benedevil

    News Let's play casual with new custom weapons!

    Play a Game: Some new weapons with balanced stats! Continue reading...
  18. Benedevil

    News Try out VSH Reservoir 24/7

    Play a Game: OH BOI! IP: Continue reading...
  19. Benedevil

    News Play on the new Harvest 24/7 US

    Play a Game: steam://connect/ Come join harvest: Continue reading...
  20. Benedevil

    News Play some good ol VSH rotation EU

    Play a Game: Good ol times steam://connect/ Continue reading...
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