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  1. Kerknor

    Accepted Admin Application from Kerknor

    Personal Information Name Kerk Your Age 33 Location Alabama Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:29907993 Server Information Have you managed servers previously? Yes If Yes, which ones? GG- Currently an admin http://steamcommunity.com/groups/globalgamerz123 Was also a Moderator at OzzyFurocity...
  2. Kerknor

    Completed 2Fort Rules

    Heya Peeps! Not sure if a post about this has been done before but since I hadn't seen one, I figured I would make one. While 2fort is one of the "lesser" maps on BlackWonder I thought it should still have a rules section. I know the General rules apply but there are rules in...
  3. Kerknor

    Happy B-Day!

    Happy Birthday to BGUltimate Phynx Surny UrNan trade.tf I don't know any of you...But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  4. Kerknor


    I figured I would finally get on here and do a little intro! The name is Kerknor. I started playing on Black Wonder servers just after the turn of the year and what can I say? It grew on me haha. I started playing TF2 to be with my firecracker Honey about 5 years ago and have accumulated...
  5. Kerknor

    Resolved Hack on Blackwonder LA

    Player name cdbahcposm Steam ID http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198393546327 Rules Broken Hacker, using Aimbot and Wallhacks. Very blatant and obvious. Besides the fact he was admitting to using them, even a brand new player could tell he had hacks on.
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