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  1. LeeroyTheJanitor

    Declined LeeroyTheJanitor's Admin Application

    User name: LeeroyTheJanitor Name LeeroyThejanitor Your Age 13 Location Malaysia Your SteamID [U:1:373192522] Have you managed servers previously? No Which servers have you previously managed? none On what servers do you usually play on? I usually play Jailbreak(SG) and Hightower No...
  2. LeeroyTheJanitor

    Resolved Report against holymolyguavacocobeans

    Who are you Reporting? holymolyguavacocobeans What is the accused persons SteamID? [U:1:347150232] What is the report reason? Micspam some musics, earraping and some earrape memes Upload any proof you have here! Provide any links to proof here!
  3. LeeroyTheJanitor

    Answered About My TBAN status

    its been last week i got teambanned.I haven't see staff member on Jailbreak(SG).I have mic right now.Can someone join JB now? it will be appriciate.
  4. LeeroyTheJanitor

    Invalid Miashx's 4th son's Ban Appeal

    What was your type of punishment? Ban What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:68465741 Who has punished you? Console Why were you punished? Afk on blu team no mic(i have mic but i unplugg it) Why should we revoke your punishment? First of all,it was my fault to do the responsible...
  5. LeeroyTheJanitor

    Accepted Miashx TBAN Appeal

    Well i did the appeal yesterday.I forgot to tell you that i got teambanned on jailbreak server(SG)Here the STEAMID STEAM_0:1:68465741 this reason: STEAM_0:1:68465741 for forever for no mic. Ban issued on 2017-09-30 08:50:28. actually i have mic last year but I unplug on the computer
  6. LeeroyTheJanitor

    Invalid Miashx's 4th son's ban appeal

    What was your type of punishment?:Ban What is your SteamID? STEAM_1:0:186596261 Who has punished you? Console Why were you punished? Afk on blu team Why should we revoke your punishment? It wasen't me for Afk on blu team.I was on Spectator to Afk,suddenly my brother came and messed up...