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  1. Herald11

    Accepted YeetusDelletus111's Ban appeal

    Pretty much what dusk said. Since it's your first ban, I'll undo it. Next time I won't be so lenient. Accepted
  2. Herald11

    Vick's Admin Application

    I've known Vick for a year now and I have never had a bad experience with him. Vick is very nice and trustworthy, he would make a great admin! +Support
  3. Herald11

    Declined Lanmaner's Ban appeal

    Declining with the lack of evidence of that your account was actually stolen and you avoiding your ban with an alt. Please feel free to make another appeal if or when you have actual evidence that your account was stolen, like part of a steam ticket trying to resolve it.
  4. Herald11

    Declined ♫♥_Fatality_♥♫'s Ban appeal

    We don't unban cheaters.
  5. Herald11

    Accepted Mood's Mute appeal

    Silenced by @Fish-Related Crimes for "Advertising cheats, toxcicity, chat spam"
  6. Herald11

    Declined Report against angeljcastillor

    Make another report if you sufficient proof.
  7. Herald11

    Declined Billi bon wilfinker's Ban appeal

    Your appeal was already declined.
  8. Herald11

    Declined Billi bon wilfinker's Ban appeal

    I don't record videos whenever I punished people, but I will next time I punish you. That's not true at all, I banned you in-game right after you latespawned and killed a blu I watched you spawn inside your cells mid-game and kill one of the blues. You've had a history of breaking rules...
  9. Herald11

    Declined Taco's Cat's Admin Application

    Upon joining LA jailbreak, I heard you say: Arnold Schwarzenenigger" several times, so I muted you. -Support
  10. Herald11

    Resolved Report against OrBitt

    Player has been punished.
  11. Herald11

    Resolved Report against N e V e R__ L u C k Y

    Player has been punished.
  12. Herald11

    Resolved Report against muffinpoulan

    Player has been punished.
  13. Herald11

    Resolved Report against Hyped for Joker and Gegar

    Both players have been punished.
  14. Herald11

    Accepted Dfemo's Mute appeal

    It's almost been a month and it has seemed that you have kept out of trouble. Don't to it again. Accepted
  15. Herald11

    Accepted Corrin's Ban Appeal

    herlad forgot something. Sorry, you're unbanned.
  16. Herald11

    Accepted Corrin's Ban Appeal

    With Jim's permission, I have unbanned you.
  17. Herald11

    Accepted Corrin's Ban Appeal

    I can vouch for both, Corrin and a are two different people, not one just trying to avoid their punishment.
  18. Herald11

    Resolved Report against A n d r o m e d a | blw.tf

    Player has been punished.
  19. Herald11

    Resolved Report against Exotic Butters

    Player has been punished.