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  1. Benedevil

    Resolved Storebot wont Accept

    Hello, the bot currently has 3 keys in it's inventory.
  2. Benedevil

    Missing coins

    After you purchased the ref did you buy any store items?
  3. Benedevil

    Missing coins

    Hello, did you have enough credits for the ref back then?
  4. Benedevil

    Resolved Errors I noticed on the forum

    Empty FAQ section has been filled out. Thanks for pointing it out
  5. Benedevil

    Completed 'Insert Table' function

    Thank You For The Awesome Suggestion
  6. Benedevil

    Completed Punishment Appeals

    Thank you for the suggestion, replies are now on approval
  7. Benedevil

    Resolved Many people with Rank #0

    Hello, this is most likely the plugin not being able to establish a connection to the server.
  8. Benedevil

    Resolved FAQ missing text.

    Thanks for pointing it out. I have filled out the missing admin question section
  9. Benedevil

    Resolved this guy is spectator alive lol

    Issue has been fixed a while back. Thanks for reporting
  10. Benedevil

    Resolved Bhop

    Servers have been functional for a few months now. Closing this
  11. Benedevil

    Resolved Missing items in minecraft

    After the hard drive replacement. The server is running smoothly. Sorry for the lost items
  12. Benedevil

    Completed Bring back Item drops on death

    Weapons will now drop on death. Thank you for the suggestion
  13. Benedevil

    Vsh Skyhigh resort is not responding for me

    Still seeing this issue?
  14. Benedevil

    Resolved There are two brown mushrooms sell signs in the store

    This has been fixed by someone on the minecraft team. Thanks for pointing it out
  15. Benedevil

    Resolved ==Problem: Storebot - Not giving the right items==

    Credits have been refunded. Sorry for the issues
  16. Benedevil

    Completed Increase Air Control w/ Mantreads on Multiplied By X Servers (And Other Soldier Secondary Problems)

    Servers with x20 x50 and x100 did not have the attribute weirdly enough. Corresponding changes have been made. Thank you for your suggestion
  17. Benedevil

    Resolved Blackwonder SG VSH/FF2 servers: Issue with Point System.

    Hello, this was probably a database connection issue. Check your rank under http://tfstats.tf
  18. Benedevil

    Declined Steam stats

    Hello, sadly this is how the steam API returns someone being set to invisible. Thank you for your suggestion
  19. Benedevil

    Completed Layout fix/suggestions

    Hello, most of these have been re-implemented over the course of time. Thank you for your suggestions
  20. Benedevil

    Declined Blackwonder UK | Highertower RTD Problem

    Hello, since then fly(noclip) has been disabled from all servers. If you feel like this thread is still relevant, please feel free to open up a new thread.